Friday, September 07, 2007

Jumping right in...

Okay... so that didn't take long. The house may still be a disaster, but I decided to dive right in and bake us something to snack on as we sit amidst a small forests worth of paper and cardboard boxes. My choice on what to make was somewhat limited as I've not located all my baking pans and sheets - I did come across my well-used muffin pan and decided it was time to make these Blueberry-Coconut-Macadamia Muffins that have been lingering in my to-try piles (woo! found them this morning!)

I didn't even need to make a dash to the store this morning to make these - I unpacked most of the pantry items that were shipped yesterday, so I was good to go with the supplies we had already bought since we've been out here. Before you begin the batter for these muffins, a quick nutty mixture of unsweetened coconut, flour, brown sugar and chopped macadamia nuts is moistened with a drizzle of canola oil to form the topping to be added later. The not-to-sweet muffin base has a mixture of whole-wheat pastry and all-purpose flour for a little added nutrition, while keeping the muffins light. You could use regular whole-wheat flour instead of the pastry to get the nutrition factor, but the muffins may be a little more dense. Buttermilk adds a subtle twang and aids in keeping them moist.

Blueberry-Coconut-Macadamia MuffinsLightly spiced with cinnamon, the batter gets a flavor boost from coconut extract to compliment that cool flavor from the unsweetened coconut in the topping. You don't need to run out and get the extract if you don't already have it to make these though; you could substitute vanilla and I'm sure they would be just as good, just a little less coco-nutty The macadamia nuts are also repeated in the same manner to bring a buttery richness throughout each bite. With an overflowing cup of blueberries, each muffin is generously studded with the juicy dark blue orbs that add just enough extra sweetness. If you are a sweet fiend, you should try these warm with a drizzle of sticky orange blossom or wildflower honey over the crown for a wickedly delicious breakfast.


  1. They look quite unusall with their purple mottled tops, a real eye catcher. The flavour combination sounds great.

  2. You make the prettiest muffins! The mounds are all uniform and it looks lovely. What do you do to get them like that?

  3. As the world can now begin to settle, Joe found his muffin pans and is baking! You must be so happy to be back in a kitche, your kitchen, creating.

  4. Katie - Yes, that always happens to me when I use frozen berries. I've done all sorts of things to try and prevent it, but no luck!

    Christina - I don't think I do anything special. I do use an ice cream scoop to portion out the batter though!

    Cynthia - Hopefully this will be soon!

  5. Those sound pretty tasty. Interesting combo of ingredients.

    I need your motivation - barely moved in and already baking. Impressive!