Saturday, February 11, 2006

It tastes just like....

Sometimes ingredients you would not normally use in a recipe can create unique and tasty treats. Today's cookie won me pretty quickly and I was happy how the flavor stood out. I had someone taste one and without telling them what what in it I got a responce of "This tastes just like.... Root Beer?!"

Root beer float cookies use that robust flavor in two ways, inside the cookie and the icing on top. The main jolt of flavor comes from crushed A&W root beer barrels which are blended into the dough - the smaller pieces melt into the cookie and the larger ones create pockets bursting of root beer. This is a firm and chewy cookie with a sweet glaze on top. Confectioners' sugar is thinned out with just enough root beer to make a glaze that can be easily drizzled over each cookie. To add some more texture to these, you could sprinkle more of the crushed root beer barrels over the glaze before it sets.

There has been a lot of news recently about Netflix throttling its customers, we have not had that experience at all and the turn around time has always been quite fast for us. Have you had this happen to you at all? Speaking of, tonight's DVD from them will be Barbershop with Ice Cube, Cedric the Entertainer, and Eve. I hope to get the menu done for the next week tonight while watching the movie.... maybe some day the pile will get shorter instead of growing each week! Stay tuned...


  1. Cookies that taste like root beer? That's awesome!

  2. Oh wow those sound great! Bet my honey would love them! He LOVES root beer!

  3. Rootbeer cookies? Two words... heck yea!!

  4. Oh, how original! Mmmm, you come up with the most creative recipes here, Joe. Thanks so much for creating this yummy blog.

  5. Joe, sorry to hear it. I think your blog is great. (And you're a lot more into carbs than I am so I bet you have some great ideas for cheese sandwiches.)

  6. what an inventive & original idea !!! I remember the first time I've been visiting the states and I tasted root beer ! hard to explain to my fellows here in France ! the pictures are great....does anybody have any idea of what I could use instead of root bear (to get a result as closer sa possible)? or where I can find some of them ?

    Joe, once again, you're such an inspiration !!!

  7. What a wonderful and creative idea--wow! Again, love your site. Keep us all inspired with your original & delicious ideas!

  8. Ed - I thought the same thing!

    Michelle - I've been a fan of root beer forever, I remember growing up eating at the park and eat A&Ws

    MIchele - Yeah!

    teresa - Thanks!

    Kalyn - We just try to do our best... Especially making all these carbs somewhat healthy.. hee hee!

    Sabine - I'm not sure, do you have root beer extract or something like that over there? Hopefully someone else can chime in and help!

    fran - Thanks!

    EJ - Never to early I say!

  9. Late to the party here, but thoose look great! Zac loves Root Beer so these are definatly going in the to try pile. Thanks Joe!

  10. I don't care for root beer, but I'll bet my husband would love those! If only I'd seen this in time for Valentine's day. I guess it will have to wait for poker night tomorrow...

    I purchased a Netflix subscription for DucCat at Christmas. I saw the reveiws you mentioned when I was in research mode, but decided to go ahead with it. We've been very pleased with turn-around time, and have only had one problem. They sent the wrong disc; we mailed it back, and had the proper replacement within a few days.

    The only thing that DucCat doesn't like is having to wait for newer movies to be released. Being chronically late, I've no problems there, either.

    Barbershop is a fun movie!