Friday, February 24, 2006

Soup du Jour

Unlike some soups in the we have made in the past, the one tonight does take quite a bit from start to finish to make. You can speed things up a little by preparing the veggies early and leaving them in the refrigerator until you are ready.

Roasted Vegetable-Rosemary Chicken Soup intensifies the flavor of the veggies by roasting them until they are caramelized. Since I love the flavor of roasted garlic, I added a couple whole garlic cloves along with some sprigs of fresh rosemary for some additional flavor while they cooked. You can start cooking the chicken in a flavor-filled mixture of water, chicken broth, fresh rosemary and garlic while you wait on the vegetables. When the veggies have enough color, the two are then combined and allowed to simmer to meld the flavors together. Just before serving, whole wheat rotini is added, which soaks up the intensely rich and potent liquid as it softens. Much of the liquid evaporates or is used up by the pasta and there is not that much left when serving. I would think about adding some more liquid next time so it is more of a soup. I found it to be very filling and provided a generous amount of pasta when portioned into 4 servings. We both agreed that this was probably the most flavorful soup we have made to date. Jeff requested baked potatoes to go along with the soup tonight.


  1. ouh la la JOE, "ta soupe du jour" is really "appetissante". it sounds really tasteful and savory, and definitely quite filling !! It is sunny but cold right here, the perfect weather to match this kind of warming up recipe !
    have a great weekend.

  2. Oh that looks and sounds very tasty. Man, your blog makes me hungry!

  3. Sabine - I hope you can give it a try!

    Teresa - Thanks!