Friday, February 10, 2006

Yes yes... I know... more muffins!

Jeff and his co-workers have to work tomorrow starting at 5 am to do some testing and he thought it would be nice to bring something to munch on. They are going to already have normal breakfast fare, so we decided on some muffins to make and bring in.

Raspberry Lemon Muffins are moist with a bit of crunch on the top of the big mushroom crowns coming from raw sugar sprinkled on before baking. These are just your typical muffins, flavored with lemon yogurt and zest, with some raspberries folded in. I used frozen berries, so while I was mixing them in they did defrost a bit and turned bits of the batter a funky purplish color! I probably should have used muffin liners, but didn't think about it at the time. In a couple muffins where raspberries were on the outside they wanted to stick, but they did pop out after sitting for a few minutes. I might try these with all pastry flour next time just to see the difference in texture.

As I mentioned earlier in the week, I bought some dried cherries at Trader Joe's for dinner tonight. Dried Cherry-Toasted Almond Turkey Salad Sandwiches have lots of flavors mixing to create quite a tasty meal. Nutty whole wheat pitas take the place of sandwich bread to hold in the turkey salad. The binder is a mixture of sour cream and plain yogurt spiced with ground ginger and crushed red pepper. Crisp celery adds a nice crunch along with the toasted almonds. Dried cherries and golden raisins mix well with the chunks of juicy turkey breast. The meal was quick to make and not as messy to eat as with sandwich bread... I served some baked tortilla chips along side to complete the meal.


  1. Wow a fabulous double delight. Thanks for sharing

  2. The muffins sound wonderful. So you would substitute cake flour for all of the ap next time?

  3. Mmmm, muffins! You can never make too many muffins as far as I'm concerned.

    I've never used pastry flour. I love how experimental you are, it's very inspiring.

  4. that made me hungry

  5. those muffins look delicious. just like the berry scone i picked up the other day... i will have to try those!

  6. Muffins anytime that's what I say. Plus these look very delicious indeed.

  7. ruth - I didn't get any muffins but Jeff said they were very good!

    fran - I ment whole wheat pastry flour =)

    teresa - Thanks!

    Jeffy - Next time I'll try to snag a muffin for ya!

    stacey - Berry scones? Sounds tasty!

    Valentina - I agree! Thanks!

  8. I LOVE muffins... thank you for sharing this recipe and please don't stop posting muffin recipes!!