Saturday, February 25, 2006

Good... but could be better...

It has been awhile since the last time we have made brownies. As I said then, we prefer the fudgier brownies more-so than cakey ones. Even though the brownie we made today was very moist, the title of this recipe is a little deceptive. I did take them out a couple minutes before the stated baking time, but they ended up with a different texture that I was expecting.

Fudgy Mocha-Toffee Brownies have a rich flavor and while the texture was lacking for me, it was still very good. The mocha part is very subtle as it is just there to beef up the chocolate taste. I used toffee bits without the chocolate coating, but I think they could be better with the coated ones. They reminded me a lot of the ones you might find in the snack isle of a grocery store. I would make these again as they were pretty good for being a brownie on the lighter side!

Tonight's weekend movie from Netflix is Millions. Was this even released in theaters? I don't ever remember seeing anything about it. I think this is the first week that I have not added anything to my to-try pile, so it did go down a few this time! I have a feeling that will change this week with new magazines coming in.


  1. You'd never know by the picture that these weren't rich and decadent!

  2. They look fabulous. I buy those bags of toffee chips, and then can't keep from eating them all. Now I want some ideas for using the cinnamon chips. I thought about rolling them up in Pilsbury crescent rolls, and I have mixed them in Bisquick mix, but I bet you could come up with something better than that. Have you ever tried them?

    (P.S. Could you switch to IE and see if my blog's fixed yet? Andrew from Spittoon said he looked at in in IE and it looked fine. Thanks!)

  3. Looks like a great recipe & I love those toffee bits on top!

  4. Have you tried the brownies that Nic made? The ones that you put in a water bath after they are baked. Those only have 1/4 cup more butter than yours do and they were very chocolaty and fudgy.

  5. yup, millions was in theaters cuz one afternoon c & i decided to go see a matinee and picked that one because it was starting right away.

  6. I never noticed "Millions" in the theatres, but I've heard wonderful things about it. It's somewhere in my Netflix queue.

  7. Oh those sound delicious. Thanks for the warning on the texture. Like you, I prefer my brownies more fudgie and those do look rather cakey. You still make them sound yummy though :-)

  8. s'kat - They were quite good! Would have been better with more fudginess though!

    Cyndi - I have a couple recipes posted that use Cinnamon Chips! Your site looks great now!

    Fran - Thanks!

    Randi - I have not had a chance to try them yet - I plan to at some point!

    Kickpleat - It was pretty interesting and not at all what we were expecting!

    Jill - Yeah, I can't recall seeing it listed anywhere - I was glad to see it though!

    Teresa - Hurray for Fudgy brownies!