Saturday, September 23, 2006

Cereal can be more than just a boring bowl in the morning...

I was surprised to see this in the front yard yesterday morning as I almost mowed right over it!

Attack of the giant fungus! No idea what kind it was, but it was almost the size of a soccerball!

This morning I made some cookies that could be pretty normal, except they have an unusual ingredient - flaked cereal! Golden Cinnamon Crunch Cookies have a crisp, rich and buttery flavor with bursts of cinnamon coming from the addition of cinnamon chips. The crunch in these cookies comes from the cereal - you could use good ol' cornflakes, but I liked using Total as the flakes were a bit thicker and held up better while mixing. They have a salty note to them that helps cut the sweetness from the cinnamon chips. The recipe calls for you to flatten them with a fork, but I found it pretty difficult with all the chunky flakes and chips inside so I didn't end up with a good pattern at all. If it starts to get messy, you can dip the fork in some flour to keep the dough from sticking. You could also just flatten them with your hands, but that would be too easy, no?

We really liked these plain, but since we love the salty/sweet combo, I just had to stuff a few with some chocolate and vanilla ice cream for a tasty snack!


  1. That fungus looks like a puffball to me. My stepfather loves to slice them up and saute them when he finds them in his yard. Never tried one myself, though -- the cookies are more up my alley! ;-) I love using homemade cookies for ice cream sandwiches!


  2. You're killing me!

  3. Thought it was a head of cauliflower for a second, though I'm thinking it could be an alien :)

  4. OMG they look awesome ... got to try them ...

    yesterday I went in the hood around and found some delicious mushrooms (cèpes) ... :) :)

  5. The mulch from the Ozarks shoots up VERY WEIRD appendage-appearing things this time of year ...

  6. I need to get over here more often to drool over the photos and recipes. Sandwiching the cookies makes them all the more desirable - of course!

    I think that is a puffball. I've known people back home to eat them, though I'm not much for mushrooms. A few years ago I was back home visiting and at the farmer's market with a friend when we came upon a real beauty on display, not for sale:

  7. It's definitely a puffball, I go picking them every year and then slice them and fry them up in butter abd garlic like a giant steak. They're really tasty. I hope you pick it and enjoy it!

  8. Hi there! I just wanted to say..."what a piece of art!" your cookies look really delicious (and athletic to be able to hold that position!)

  9. Gosh, those are pretty! That's a good idea about using Total for their "strength"!

  10. If you actually end up eating that thing, there had best be pictures!!!

    The cookie and ice-cream combo looks like a natural.

  11. Eeeew it looks like a brain! hehe. I love that picture of the cookies with the ice cream and doing a headstand. :)

  12. Those cookies are killer. I'm printing yet another one!!

  13. Kari - I'm with you... I'll take some of the cookies too!

    Anon - Sorry!

    Ungourmetgal - hee hee!

    Sab - Hope you like them!

    AK - Oh My!

    Peter - Thanks - Although I don't think we will eat it!

    Brilynn - If we see another maybe we will, but we opted to not try this one!

    Diddy - Thanks!

    Abby - Thanks!

    S'kat - I promise if we ever get the nerve, there will be pictures!

    Christine - Yeah, it doesn't look all that great in person either

    Annie - Thanks!