Sunday, September 10, 2006

Yes, cookies are still good when made without butter!

First week in September was a busy one with 13 new recipes! Our favorites were the Simple Chicken and Oat Groat Soup, Basil and Three-Cheese Thin-Crust Pizza, and Edamame and Barley Salad. After a couple last minute additions, we got the grocery shopping done this morning for the week ahead, but I don't think we will reach 13 recipes again!

Since we just made muffins the other day, I wanted to make something a little different for snacks this week. I went with a cookie recipe that is a little unusual as it has no butter or eggs. Banana Oat Breakfast Cookies are big, soft, thick and kinda chewy cookies made with mashed ripe bananas, natural peanut butter, honey and Lyle's Golden Syrup which imparts a more unique sweet flavor. With the use of rolled oats and whole wheat flour, they are hearty and pretty healthy! A generous amount of dried cranberries in each bite bring another dimension of the chewy texture, but also add some sweetness. I used a strong Vietnamese cinnamon from Penzey's that added just enough spice to the background without overpowering the mild peanut and light banana flavor. When you form them, wet your fingertips if you find them to be sticky when you flatten them.


  1. I am going to have to try these out. I have had Golden Syrup for a while now as I got it in a BBM package. I never knew what to do with it. Now I think I have the perfect thing! Thanks.

  2. Oat groat soup sounds SO interesting

  3. ooh, i've been looking for low fat cookie recipes and i like the idea of a breakfast cookie!

  4. Vegan cookies are the Best! and these look awesome.

  5. A cookie for breakfast and it sounds fairly healthy? I can't wait to try these.

  6. I'll definately have to give these a try - in fact, I think I even have some Lyle's Golden Syrup on hand at home! Thanks for the inspiration!

  7. Heather - I am running low on my bottle, I have not seen it in the stores here since we moved either!

    Wheresmymind - Interesting and so good!

    Kickpleat - Me too, I love to be able to grab food and go for a quick breakfast!

    Vicki - These are not 100% vegan as I used dry milk, but I bet you could sub dry soy milk powder just the same.

    Sara - I hope you like them!

    Gilly - Let me know if you give it a go!