Friday, July 13, 2007

BLT + Chicken and Flatbread...

Tonight's dinner would have been a perfect choice when it was so hot and steamy the other day - especially if you already had some cooked chicken on hand! The only real work with these Chicken and Bacon Roll-Ups was cooking the bacon... which I could do every day with as much as we like bacon!

What's encasing these roll-ups is a certain ingredient we have been seeing a lot lately, but have never used - it is a flatbread called Flatout. We found it in most of our local markets and it was always in the deli section, rather than the bread aisle. It has an oblong shape, rather than round like a tortilla, and is quite soft and pliable - they didn't need to be warmed up at all and rolled easily without any cracking. I was happy to come across a recipe calling for it as we kept saying we should buy it once to see if it would be something we would like or not - the flatbread also packs quite a bonus with 8 grams of fiber (this isn't an advertisement or anything, we were just surprised how much we liked it!).

Chicken Bacon Wrap or Roll UpThe glue to help hold the flatbread together is a lemony mayonnaise mixed with a touch of fresh tarragon for a slight anise flavor - a little goes a long way here, so I would be fairly careful when measuring this herb out. Crisp romaine lettuce and juicy sweet chopped tomatoes are scattered on top for the next layers. For a salty and smoky bite, we cooked a few slices of applewood smoked bacon until it was crisp so we could easily crumble them over the veggies. To complete the dish, a generous handful of tender shredded chicken is placed on top - the flatbread is then rolled up and sliced in half to serve. Since I made the entire recipe and it makes enough for four servings, I wrapped the other portion's ingredients individually in saran wrap to keep them separate. This way, I'll have a quick and delicious lunch all ready to go tomorrow - all we will have to do is assemble and dig in!

Chicken Bacon Wrap or Roll UpWe will also be left with 2 of the flatbreads since the bag has 6 in it - I'm thinkin' we will have to use up the last two pieces with something sweet - peanut butter, bananas and honey sound like a good start to us (who knows... maybe some of that bacon will somehow sneak its way in?!).


  1. My oldest daughter loves Flatouts. They have them in various flavors and even some just for kids. (i think they're smaller than the regular sized ones...maybe?) I too was surprised at the fiber content. They're great for lunch boxes, something different and fun for kids.
    Your chicken and bacon roll ups sound yummy. I'll have to think about making those for my kids. For them, anything with bacon is a winner!!

  2. I like the Flatout brand of flatbread too. I buy the 100% whole wheat kind, haven't tried any of the others. One of my favorite things to use it for is to make pita "chips" in the toaster oven and then use them to dip hummus. Just yummy.

  3. Thanks for the recipe. I am going to look for the Flatouts. I wonder how it compares to Lavash bread.

    The recipe looks great - chicken and bacon. Great combo.

  4. Looks yummy and was wondering what to do with the rest of my cooked chicken. Don't think we have that bread here, but we do have wraps. Thanks!!!

  5. Tammy - We've seen some of the other flavors and are now anxious to try them!

    Kalyn - that is a great idea!

    Anon - good question, I couldn't tell you for sure as it has been so long since I've had Lavash.

    Pat - Wraps would work just as well!

  6. Flatouts make good, easy kid pizzas - brown them for a few minutes in a toaster oven, then add the sauce, cheese, and toppings. It makes a crispy crust.

  7. Alice - Oh, I think that would make for a fine adult pizza too!