Monday, July 23, 2007

Salads don't have to be wimpy...

We love salads, but sometimes you want something light, yet still hearty enough to fill up a hungry stomach. Sometimes just adding a few pieces of protein (whatever that may be...) will do, but this vivid Steak and Purple-Potato Salad turned into just the right combination of ingredients to satisfy our craving.

The first building block to develop the flavor in this salad is a zesty rub made from fresh lime juice, pungent chili powder, a bit of salt and a clove of mashed garlic. This is then spread over a big chunk of lean sirloin steak and allowed to chill while the rest of the salad is made. One ingredient that gives this salad a fun and creative look is small purple potatoes that are cooked whole and then quartered once they are cool enough to handle. I know that these can be somewhat hard to find and are usually fairly expensive... you could go ahead and use fingerling potatoes if they are easier to find or even some baby red taters would do just fine. As you wait for the potatoes to cook and cool, the steak is cooked to medium or medium-rare and thinly sliced once it has rested. Sharp sherry vinegar, oil and smoky cumin are combined to create the dressing that coats the tender potatoes and steak along with the flavor packed juices that escaped from the steak as it rested. Thinly sliced radishes are tossed in for a crisp peppery bite to the salad while some scallions and cilantro bring a fresh bright flavor. A succulent bed of baby salad greens is all that is needed to round out this dish - this recipe serves two, but could easily be doubled or tripled if needed for additional servings or if you simply wanted some delicious leftovers for lunch.

Steak and Purple Potato Salad Picture


  1. This looks like my kind of salad and sounds delicious!

  2. Even though I don't usually eat potatoes, this salad looks so good, the dressing so intriguing, I would eat this in a minute! Good going!

  3. Hi Joe- I've been poking around your site and you rock! I really love the variety of your recipes. I actually just made your peanutbutter granola cookies...they're baking right now!

  4. Gemma - I hope you can give it a try!

    Christine - It was a little odd a first throwing potatoes into a salad like this, but it did work quite well!

    Callipygia - I hope we can inspire you to try out some of our recipes! Let me know how the cookies turn out!