Wednesday, July 04, 2007

Playing the tour guide...

Happy Fourth of July!
Be safe if you are out and about tonight!

We took Jen and Steve into downtown DC yesterday so they could see some of the sites. We decide to go before the 4th so we would hopefully miss most of the crowds - it seemed to work well as it was not too busy! They were preparing for quite the crowds that should be there today, so I can only imagine how hectic that area will be throughout the day.

Since we had been there before, we didn't take too many pictures - here are a couple that we did take though.

While we were getting groceries at the market the other day, they had a killer deal on fresh cherries (just over $1/pound!), so after we got back from DC, I thought we could cool down with a glass of this Fresh Cherry Smoothie. All this refreshing drink calls for is fresh ruby cherries, ice, vanilla yogurt and a bit of orange blossom honey to bump up the sweetness a touch. You could of course use plain yogurt, but the touch of vanilla was a nice match to the robust cherry flavor. To me, this smoothie was a bit thin, so I might think about popping the cherries (!... umm... no comments please - let's keep this PG!) in the freezer for a couple hours before I make our next batch.

This morning for breakfast, I made them a batch of the Peanut Butter-Chocolate Chips Waffles that we made a few months ago. Peanut butter and chocolate chips? This definitely got two sticky thumbs up from the guests!

I forgot to mention on Monday's post that we threw together that quick and easy Sesame Noodles with Chicken for lunch. It was a flavor combination they have not had before and they cleaned their plates! Score!


  1. Hi Joe,
    I've gone to the fireworks in D.C. on two different occasions while attending the NEA convention there, and I can tell you it was quite an experience. First the drama of seeing fireworks in our nation's capital, surrounded by immigrants from literally everywhere on earth, all seeking the American dream. Second, the nearly impossible task of getting back to the hotel on the metro, with literally millions of other people also trying to use public transportation! Very memorable.

    Happy Fourth of July!

  2. Great photos! That smoothie looks very refreshing & quite patriotic too. I think i may have just enough fresh cherries left to make one or two. Thanks for the idea & Happy 4th!

  3. Hi Joe, been making smoothies here too. And they are really great. I love the chicken recipe and will be trying that one out soon for hubby. Thanks!!!!

  4. I can't believe you got cherries for $1/pound! Here if they're $5/lb it's a deal! The smoothy looks fantastic.

  5. I adore smoothies. And of all the smoothies I adore, cherry is at the top of the list. So much so that I've been forcing myself to put other fruit and berries in there for variety. I've had blueberries and cherries, strawberries and cherries, raspberries and cherries, blackberries and cherries, and, well, the list does go on!


  6. Kalyn - It sounds like fun, but I doubt Jeff would be up to wading through the crowds! But I bet the fireworks would be worth it!

    Fran - Thanks!

    Pat - I hope you like it!

    Jen - I know... hopefully it was not just a one time deal as they were so good!

    Almost Veg - I can easily see how one could over-do it, but your flavor combos sound great!