Thursday, July 19, 2007

Veggie-stuffed calzones with two cheeses...

After grilling a couple whole ears of that fantastic fresh corn for lunch, we still had a couple left over. I actually had some Corn and Broccoli Calzones on the menu for Friday this week, but I was planning on just using some kernels we had in the freezer. I bumped the recipe up a day so we could take full advantage of the corn's sweet flavor.

Corn and Broccoli Calzone PictureIf you are short on time, you could always buy a prepared pizza dough, but our favorite recipe for a Whole-Wheat Pizza Dough is so quick to throw together in a food processor and always turns out a great crust. The original calzone recipes says it makes 6 servings, but I divided the dough into 4 portions so they would be a little more substantial and filling. Once the dough has been rolled out into circles, one half of each piece is stuffed with a mixture of broccoli, corn kernels, mozzarella cheese, creamy ricotta, green onions and chopped fresh basil. The unfilled half is then folded over and the edges are sealed tightly together with a fork to ensure no leakage - however, each piece does get a few vents on top from a sharp knife so they do not blow up. For an extra golden and crisp crust, a light smear of oil is brushed over the calzones before they go into the fiery hot oven. Since there is no actual sauce inside of these veggie-stuffed calzones, you could always heat up your favorite marinara sauce for dipping, but we both agreed it didn't need anything else as we quickly cleaned our plates.

Corn and Broccoli Calzone Picture


  1. Yes, this certainly is a great alternative to pizza. Thanks for solving my problem for what to serve this weekend! LOL!

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  3. Meeta - Hee hee... anytime!

    Bake your cake - thanks! I'll check it out, but I don't know if I'll have time this week to get it done!