Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Death by cookies... rich chocolate cookies...

I am trying to get this posted quick as we've been without internet access since last night and it is very touch and go tonight. Once our cable system is back up and running I will get caught up with your e-mails and comments - please don't think we are ignoring you! I did keep myself busy with some baking for the Wednesday Treat Day goodies for Jeff's co-workers though!

I think I found my chocolate limit with these cookies, Chocolate Chocolate-Chip Cookies with Mocha Cream Filling. These killer cookies are intense, rich, decadent and may give quite a buzz depending how many you eat! What is sandwiched between the cookies is a soft mousse-like filling that is made from bittersweet chocolate, cream and espresso powder melted together. When cooled, the creamy mixture is combined with butter, powdered sugar and vanilla. The filling was a little tricky for me as I was expecting it to be a little more firm. Depending on how warm your kitchen is, you may need to do the filling in stages as it may go a little too soft. Crammed with chocolate chips, the dark cookies are crisp when completely cool - but once filled, they slowly turn more soft and chewy so when you bite into them the filling does not squish out the sides. To control spreading while the cookies bake, the dough works best when very chilled - so allow some time for that. These will need to be stored in the refrigerator to keep the filling solid, but I found we liked the taste best when chilled. I made just about 60 cookies (pre-sandwiched) because they are so rich, but go wild and make them bigger if you want.

Tonight's dinner was a fun new twist on chicken salads for us. Chicken, Spinach, Brown and Wild Rice Salad with Sauteed Apples had so many flavors and textures happening that it keeps your palate working to figure out the ingredients. The rice was an interesting and very filling addition to the tart salad. We found there was enough of the bright tangy dressing to go around and keep the salad pretty moist. I sauteed the wedges of granny smith apples for about 3 minutes, just until they softened a bit, but were still crisp. I used spinach in the recipe, but for a more peppery bite, feel free to use arugula. The crumbly gorgonzola brought just enough bite to the salad without competing with the other flavors. We both completely enjoyed this salad and it may just replace our "normal" Saturday night chicken salads!


  1. Wow, the cookies sound incredibly good and the salad looks delicious! Yummy choices and use of ingredients Joe! That is what I love most about your cooking, your recipes are always new and creative, never a boring dish in your kitchen!

  2. One of those cookies probably would keep me up all night!

  3. Joe, if you're interested, I'll send you my recipe for Snickerdoodle sandwiches filled with cinnamon-chocolate buttercream. They have some of the icing-squishing issues as these, but once they soften up they're a truly evil cookie....


  4. Joe,
    I'm one of the lucky co-workers who enjoy Treat Day! These cookies are fabulous. Word spread quickly throgh the building and you are one popular chef!

  5. I'm sad that now you live even farther away from me, so it's even MORE difficult to invite myself over for dinner and dessert! (not that I ever did, or actually would.. but YUM! those cookies!

  6. I want to die by chocolate





  7. how cool to hear from one of Jeff's very-lucky co-workers... Do you have an idea how desperately envious & green-eyed we all are, around the world ... :) :) I hope to read more "reviews" in the future ..

    bonne journée à tous. ;)

  8. Ana - We do like to keep things different! Thanks!

    Wheresmymind - They gave a good buzz!

    CK1 - The cookies sound tasty!

    Anonymous - I'm very happy to hear they went over well! Thank you for letting me know!

    Joanna - You are still welcome to drop by!

    Teddy - hee hee!

    Sab - I agree!