Friday, August 11, 2006

Taking figs from sweet to savory...

Another busy Friday as we needed to get the lawn mowed... I am still so used to our small postage sized lawn that we had in Phoenix. The dogs are sure enjoying the room to spread out - now we just need to get to work and get a fence going so we don't have to take them out back on a leash!

We have made quite a few different sweets with Figs, but I have been wanting to use them in a savory dish for dinner. I bought a bunch during our last haul to Trader Joe's, so now I had no excuse not to try some new recipes out! Figs added a dynamic layer of sweetness to tonight's dinner, Chicken Breasts with Wild Rice-and-Fig Pilaf. If you used a pre-cooked wild rice, or planned ahead, this meal could be on the table in no time! I went ahead and spent the full 45 minutes cooking the rice though, as I wanted to infuse it with flavor from the chicken broth. After the onions and fresh celery are softend in melted butter, the cooked rice, rich thin prosciutto and seasonings are all mixed together. Between the nutty rice, salty prosciutto and sweet figs, the pilaf is simply topped with sliced grilled chicken breasts that are seasoned with just salt and coarse black pepper to let the flavors shine through.


  1. Chicken.....probably would go well with squab as well :)

  2. i would've never thought to use figs as part of idea, seems as yummy as everything else on this blog

  3. Wheresmymind - I've never cooked with squab!

    Lexi - They worked very well here for sure!