Sunday, August 13, 2006

Year is flying by...

As we slide into another week, 13 new recipes came out of the kitchen! I think our favorites were the Mini Fruit and Sunflower Loaves, Hamburger Buns and Sweet Pea Risotto with Corn Broth. I can't believe we are already in the middle of August... where has the year gone?!

Tonight's dinner, Edamame Lo Mein, was a satisfying and clean tasting meal with a bit of spice to it. We've only had a version of Lo Mein while eating out, but it was pretty heavy and kind of oily. This was much lighter and pretty easy to throw together while using up some pantry ingredients. The salty sweet dressing subdued the heat to a mild level and the toasted sesame oil added a complex background. We both commented that we liked how the pasta gained some crispy spots to it as it cooked with the peppers, edamame and carrots. I used roasted bell peppers, but use fresh and add them with the carrots if you want them a bit more crunchy.


  1. I listen to my wife every day lamenting how the summer is slipping away (she's a teacher) and how going back to school is going to bite. Wish I had 2 months off! lol

  2. Looks wonderful as usual. Where do you buy your whole wheat pasta? I have a hard time getting into the whole wheat, but really want to try.

  3. yummy.......i'm hungry [as usual ]this happens every time, even if i just ate :p

  4. Argh! Don't remind me! Summer is almost gone...

  5. I may put this on the menu for tomorrow.
    I don't like whole wheat pasta, but have found the Barilla Plus brand to be a good compromise.

  6. Wheresmymind - I bet it must be hard though to have the summer off and then have to get back into work mode!

    Linda - We buy it from Trader Joes - If I don't have that, I do use Barilla Plus quite often!

    Lexi - Hee hee!

    Sara - Sorry!

    Jennifer - The barilla plus is quite a tasty compromise!