Thursday, August 17, 2006

Yes Mikey, we still like it...

As you have noticed, we have been trying to incorporate tofu into our dinner every so often. I would like to get into using it more often in sweets, but we used it again in a savory dish for dinner tonight.

The recipe, Peanut-Crusted Tofu Triangles, does have some prep time to it since you need to drain and press the tofu to remove most of the liquid. To give the crust something to adhear to, the tofu goes for a quick swim in some egg whites. The triangles then get dipped into a mixture of fresh ground peanuts, garlic, ginger and crushed red pepper. Cooked in peanut oil until they are golden and crisp, the tofu has a mild peanutty flavor with a spicy kick to it. I would probably have to do something a little different if I were to make this again though. Even with the robust flavor in the crust, it was still a bit bland - maybe coating both sides instead of one would fix that? Or even better, letting the tofu sit in a mild marinate to soak up some more flavor first. Though I really did like the peanuts, I would probably use cashews next time for a little more bang.

To help speed up the rice part of the recipe, we used instant brown rice for the first time tonight. I've always just given into the lengthy time to cook brown rice, but since the recipe requested instant, I gave it a go. The rice was a bit richer and a little more creamy than we are used to as it was cooked in soymilk instead of water. The speedy cook time was nice and while we were plesantly surprised at the texture from the instant version, I think I like being able to control the texture with the regular brown rice. I wouldn't hesitate to use it again though when I need something quick!


  1. You need some more color on that plate!! That said...that tofu looks yum :D

  2. Hmm... I might have to try this one. It looks yummy. Although, I've been using the frozen TJ's brown rice lately. Three minutes in the microwave, and brown rice bliss! I've forgotten how long it takes the "real" way.

  3. Wheresmymind - I thought so too, but couldn't figure out what else to put on it.

    Helios - I've seen that, but TJs is so far from us now I don't really get frozen items from them now.

  4. love the tofu! I think it's great you're trying new things :)


  5. Have you ever tried cooking rice in coconut milk, we did it with Jasmine rice and it was delicious!! Love the site, found you through Farmgirlfare.


  6. Teddy - We are having a fun time with it!

    Kathy - we have and I agree - it was so good!