Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Fluffernutter - from a tasty sandwich to decadent bars...

I had my first encounter with a true fluffernutter sandwich after we got out to the east coast and I bought "true" fluff - not marshmallow creme. After one bite of the sticky and sweet peanut buttery sandwich, I was hooked! Jeff kind of snubbed his nose at the thought, but after he tried one, he quickly changed his mind.

When I was deciding what to bake for Wednesday Treat Day, as we always do on Tuesdays, I was excited when I came across the recipe for Fluffer Nutter Bars. A decadent peanut butter mixture forms the crust to these outrageous bars. The dough was a little sticky for me, so I used some plastic wrap to help press the base into the pan. Once patted down, a multitude of the gooey fluff is spread on. Unsalted peanuts scatter the top, followed by a smattering of bittersweet chocolate chips. This is baked until the fluff starts to puff up and has an ever-so-light golden hue on top. As it cools, the middle slowly deflates to allow you to see how the sides of the crust explode upwards to leave a dramatic rim around the bars. I was afraid to try and cut these into squares thinking that the marshmallow would ruin the idea of clean cuts - but I was quite surprised to see how easy it was to cut them.

Jeff eagerly jumped to his role of "Quality Control" and proclaimed he was not going to take them in because they were so good. The rich base has a strong peanut butter flavor which help to cut the sweetness of the fluff. Crunchy nuts add texture and another dimension of peanut flavor - and just because the combo of chocolate and peanut butter is so good, how could you not throw on the chips?

When I brought home the corn on Saturday, I knew it would be a few days before I used it. Because corn can quickly degrade from that luscious sweetness to a gummy starch, I went ahead and blanched the ears in boiling water for a couple minutes. After I shocked them in icy water, I cut the kernels off and portioned out what I needed for the recipes this week. I threw them in ziplocs and into the freezer they went until we needed them to try and retain the freshness. I used the second amount for a side to tonight's dinner. Sauteed corn with Chipotle-Lime Butter takes just a few minutes to throw together for a sweet and spicy side dish. The chipotle-lime added just enough of a zesty heat to change things up. While this corn didn't even need butter, the added flavors were a pleasant change to the palate. Such a snap to throw together since the corn was ready to go.

I didn't intend for it to be a big veggie night, but I ended up serving Loaded Twice-Baked Potatoes as well. I coated the potatoes in a touch of oil and coated them with coarse salt before baking. After they were tender, I cut the tops off and scooped out the insides. The potatoes are then stuffed to the gills with a mashed combination of the potato insides, tender-crisp broccoli, sour cream and sharp cheddar cheese. Topped with a bit more cheese, they went back into the oven to warm them back up and allow the cheese to melt. Very filling and definitely hit the spot.


  1. I'll have some fluffernutter please


  2. Hi Joe, So glad you tried and loved Fluff. I am from New England and had it on peanutbutter sandwiches growing up. Another good use for it is to put it in hot chocolate.YUM!!
    Btw, check your comments on the Whole Wheat Dough, I have a question on it.:)

  3. This is funny...a week or two ago I was trying to explain a fluffernutter sandwich to someone. I've never had one, but I'd heard abou them...he just shook his head and changed the subject. The bars look wonderful!


  4. everything looks wonderful !!! the bars are very tempting ...what I wouldn't do to be part of your "quality control" team ... :) too...

  5. I've never had a fluffernutter but know people who love them. Like your Jeff, the combination just doesn't seem right (but it seems you won him over!)

    The spuds look and sound great, as does the corn dish!

    The way you write these entries, I'd almost guess you were also writing for Cook's Illustrated!

  6. I am in Calif., and just heard of fluffernutter sandwiches. I had my first (with the fake marshmellow creme) on Monday. It was good though, and I am sure the original is even better. I must try your bars. They look delicious!

  7. And here I thought I've been eating the real deal all these years — I've been melting Kraft marshmallows for my sandwiches! Those bars are a refreshing (and fancier) take on the traditional fluffernutter. Thanks for sharing!

  8. And here I thought I've been eating the real deal all these years — I've been melting Kraft marshmallows for my sandwiches! Those bars are a refreshing (and fancier) take on the traditional fluffernutter. Thanks for sharing!

  9. I wish I lived at your house!! Both the bars and the potatoes look divine. I never think to have a potato for dinner but you're right- what a great idea for a vegetarian supper, and probably a great way to use leftovers as stuffing. Thanks.

  10. All the recipes sound amazing. I want to try them all, although I don't think they sell fluff around here.

  11. I love fluffernutter sandwiches! Those bars look outragous as do the corn and stuffed tater.

  12. When I was a kid, and took sandwiches in a brown paper bag to school, Mom always made me peanut butter and jelly. Several of my classmates had fluffernutter sandwiches, and when I asked her if I could have one, you would have thought I asked for deep fried Snickers. (Which I have tried, by the way, and found nearly as good as deep fried Twinkies!). Now that I'm an adult, I can make them, but can't have them 'cause of borderline diabetes. I so envy you and Jeff and your ability to eat the wonderful sweets you make!

  13. My boss told me today I am never allowed to take a Wednesday off. Ever.

  14. i love baked potatoes and yours are a grat take on them......can't wait to try them this weekend
    is fluffernutter melted marshmellows??
    *sorry bout the spelling.....i'm not a speller

  15. Teddy - and a side of peanut butter!

    Annie - Hot chocolate huh? Will keep that in mind for the winter! I'll go see about the dough questions!

    Wheresmymind - yeah!

    Jasmine - Thanks!

    Sab - Hee hee, I don't think Jeff would share!

    Jeph - I think a taste test is in order for you, give it a try!

    Chole - I've never seen that brand before, but i'll keep my eye out.. thanks!

    Anon - Let me know if you try them!

    Yuzu - It is a nice change, especially with the crunchy peanuts

    Tokyoastrogirl - It was really more filling than I thought it would be!

    Sara - East coast thing I guess!

    Barbara - Thanks!

    Cyndi - We don't eat as much as it seems we do sometimes, but we do make a good dent!

    Jeff - No arguements here!

    Lexi - kind of, but it is a bit different. Try Marshmallow creme from Kraft if nothing else!

  16. Oh my gosh, those fluffernutters look so yummy. I'm a huge fan of peanut butter, and the gooey marshmallows and toppings look sooooo good. The corn looks fantastic too... Jeff is way too lucky!

    - 21-year-old Torontonian

  17. hi joe......we don't get that here in sa [marshmellow creme].......also i tried the twice baked bake potatoe and just couldn't get it to work, but i have it on good authority that although it didn't turn out the way i wanted it tasted good.........this just reaffirms my opion that you are an amazing chief..... :)

  18. Lexi - Too bad about the fluff, it is good stuff! Sorry to hear it didn't turn out as you expected - what happened?