Saturday, October 28, 2006

I'll love you til the end of the vine...

Okay.. please forgive me, but we are not pumpkined out yet! Yes, another post involving a baked good with mashed pumpkin!

Today's recipe, Pumpkin-Date Loaf with Cream Cheese Swirl, has a sweet and moist orange tinted interior with a cheesecake-esque topping. While this recipe ends up using a few bowls, it was fairly quick to throw together and get in the oven. Dark brown sugar, along with the dates, bring a rich sweetness to the soft textured loaf. Next time I make this, I may reduce the sugar - I think it teeters a bit too heavy on the sweetness scale. 1/4 cup or so less would be a good reduction without affecting the quality of the bread. The pumpkin is mild, but the stronger spice combination perked up the flavors just enough. The white top is striking, but I think I would prefer to do the topping as a filling. The batter for the bread is quite thick and does not lend itself to swirling well.


  1. The slices look so pretty!
    I am also in a pumpkin mood lately, muffins and soup are among my favorites!

  2. hi, just wanted to say how much i look forward to read ur blog everyday. ur posts are just so inspiring and interesting =)

  3. Joe,
    The title of this pumpkin loaf blog had me giggling. You are so funny!
    The recipe will be perfect for my inlaws this Thanksgiving thank you

  4. I tried a very similar recipe and you're right it works much better as a filling than a topping. And you get better results with muffins. Here is my recipe:

  5. Ana - Thanks!

    Ren - Thank you!

    Caroline - Hee hee! Do let me know if you give it a try!

    Kitarra - Thanks for the link, i'll go check it out!