Thursday, October 05, 2006

Sweet and sour with a crunchy bite...

Whew... who knew there would be so much dust happening when they are working on the kitchen! We put plastic over everything, but it's almost like you have to vacuum it before rolling it back up when they leave! Since Jeff just finished putting in the pantry before this started, we had not gotten the doors put up yet - so there's a large sheet of plastic over that too. It's not too fun trying to wiggle underneath it when you need to grab something quick!

Tonight's dinner is of course more leftovers... this time we warmed up the chili from a couple days ago. This reheats very well and really hit the spot since we had a cold front come through today. They said the high for today was at midnight and it just kept falling throughout the day! I had to make something new as I'm still getting used to not being able to make recipes so often. I prepared a simple Broccoli and Apple Salad to have along side of the chili.

Crunchy raw broccoli and crisp apples make for a light and refreshing dish after being coated with a quick sweet and sour dressing. I was a little worried that the 6 tablespoons of cider vinegar would be a little overpowering, but the sweetness from sugar and the tangy Dijon made sure it was kept in check. I used Granny Smith apples as I wanted a little extra burst of tartness. I think this would be a perfect dish to bring along on a picnic or a last minute side for entertaining.


  1. I feel for you. They´re ripping out our stairwell, and the dust is a joke. I can´t imagine what it would be like inside the kitchen. I hope it doesn´t get to your chocolate pantry. Very jealous of all the varieties you have out there.

  2. Well...least the Broccoli is favorite form of one of my least fav. veggies

  3. Good luck with the dust and kitchen remod! I'm so jealous . . . what I wouldn't do for a new and improved kitchen! (Apartment life. Bah.) I am amazed that you still continue to cook like crazy, despite the dust and lack of sink.
    Also, Penzey's = heaven! Just walking past the store makes me happy -- that, and it's across the street from Kitchen Window in Calhoun Square! I'm putting a bunch of Penzey's spices on my Christmas list (my parents live in Milwaukee, which I believe is the birthplace of Penzey's.) Do you have a curry powder of theirs that you guys prefer? I'm thinking the Sweet Curry Powder might be a good starter for me, although I do like spicier food. Hmm . . . any advice would be appreciated!

  4. Lobstersquad - I can't imagine how messy it is going to be when they start sanding!

    Jeff - I love broccoli though...

    Catherine - Man, how I miss Uptown! I loved browsing through the Kitche Window... I like all of their curry powders so far!