Sunday, October 15, 2006

The pups have been sad... but we changed that today!

Well, 7 new recipes this week - but if you count the Mini Tacos, then it could be 8! The stand-outs for us were the Caramel-Toffee Crunch Bars and the Chewy Chocolate Gingerbread Cookies.

The poor puppies have been without any homemade snacks for a few weeks now - they finished up their pupcakes before the remodel started, so I thought I should set aside some time today and make them some new treats. I made a crunchy biscuit type this time - I was going to go with a peanut butter flavor, but that will be the next one as we went for some Chicken and Honey Doggie Biscuits today! As with this one, most recipes are pretty simple - they do make a lot, but you can keep them for a long time in the freezer and you can make whatever size or shape you like. The dough for these are made with whole wheat flour and cracked wheat - we flavored them with chicken broth, sweet honey and fresh minced garlic. Though there is yeast in the recipe, you don't need to wait for the dough to rise or anything - this just gives them a little lift in the oven.

I used mostly medium-sized cookie cutters, but I did use a small one to cut the dough into mini hearts as Jeff wanted some small bits to use in training with Max. You could dip these in melted carob chips if you want to give them a fancy finish - Spike and Max seemed to think they were plenty tasty as is!

Max was so happy, we think he passed out from excitement!


  1. What lucky doggies! Homemade treats!

    Sophie likes to lay on her back like Max is doing in that picture. And if you don't pay attention to her she growls and grunts at you.

  2. Awww . . . I second barbara's comment about the lucky doggies!

    Also, those spicy chocolate cookies from the other day sound incredible! I have a similar recipe myself somewhere . . . must find . . . .

    AND, your pumpkin ginger muffins sounded incredible! I ended up going a slightly different route with my pumpkin bread, but next time, I'll have to pick up some crystalized ginger. Yum.

  3. You are sooo sweet to make your little ones some homemade snacks. They are so lucky to have such a great daddy!

  4. Barbara - They are certainly spoiled!

    Catherine - Crystalized ginger is a must have around here!

    Tokyoastrogirl - Thanks!

  5. Bandit and I baked some Doggy Treats today - check them out on my website. Max would love them I guess