Sunday, October 29, 2006

Smoky pasta coated in a tangy sauce...

With the kitchen remodel coming to a close (should be totally finished this week... *crosses fingers and toes*), we certainly made quite a few recipes - 15 new ones for this week! Going back, I think the standouts were the Chocolate, Fig, and Marsala Pastries, Chocolate Peppermint-Toffee Crunch Cookies and Chocolate Chip Pumpkin-Spice Bars.

Tonight's dinner, Smoky Whole Wheat Penne with Corn and Cherry Tomatoes, gave me a reason to use up some goat cheese I had lingering in the refrigerator. The recipe didn't call for it, but I gave the corn kernels a quick saute in butter to give them a toasty flavor. Jeff is not too crazy about raw tomatoes, so I threw them in the pan for a minute or two to soften. While you wait for the pasta to cook, smoky chipotle chilies and fresh garlic are quickly cooked until fragrant. Goat cheese and a splash of water are added to cook down into a thick creamy sauce. Cilantro and a touch of olive oil are stirred in to give the sauce a bit of richness. The al dente penne, golden corn kernels and halved tomatoes are then gently tossed in the smooth sauce. With a spicy and tangy sauce, this hearty dish makes four generous servings that are very filling with a light side salad.

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