Friday, October 06, 2006

Quick and easy use for some cooked turkey...

Well, no progress on the kitchen today as the contractor had to go out of town for the weekend. Boo! They should begin again on Monday, but that seems so far away! This will be our first ever remodel of a room and we are certainly learning a lot on the fly... we are starting to figure out what we would do different if we ever need to do the kitchen again.

Feeling the need to cook something, I did make an easy dinner for tonight. I made use of our Griddler to cook some turkey breast for the Curry Turkey Salad we had. Sour cream and yogurt form the base of a creamy dressing flavored with a splash of fresh lime juice, two kinds of curry powder and a touch of honey for sweetness. Mixed with the tender chunks of turkey breast are juicy red grapes, crisp celery and red onion to lend a crunchy bite to the smooth dressing. Once the generous amount of salad is stuffed in some halved whole wheat pitas, roasted cashews are scattered on top to finish the dish with a salty flare. I did find the two curry powders to be pretty mild, so I might try increasing the hot madras powder by a 1/4 teaspoon next time. This would work just as well with some cooked chicken if you already have it on hand!


  1. Good for you for finding a way to cook! You are much more dedicated than I am!

    I had to laugh though - your cut back in cooking will still end up being way more cooking than most of us do. :)

    Good luck with the rest of the project.

  2. It's Canadian Thanksgiving this weekend so this recipe will definitely be put to use next week when there are still pounds and pounds of turkey leftover!

  3. hummm ... I've just finished a batch of hoe made pita bread ... I exactly know what to do with them .. :) :)

  4. Alysha - I can't help it... just can't stay away from cookin'!

    Brilynn - Let me know if you do try these!

    Sab - Homemade pita bread would be perfect!