Tuesday, August 28, 2007

A blueberry pound cake as one of my last baking adventures in our Maryland kitchen...

Before we packed up and left for Minneapolis, we made a few plates of treats to take over to friends and neighbors as a "thank you for being there" gift from us. Besides a few cookies and muffins, I also thought it would be nice to make this Blueberry Pound Cake to send along.

I think the title of this recipe may be slightly misleading as this is not a true "pound" cake - this version is a lighter take on the more caloric versions. Instead of using completely butter as the fat, smooth cream cheese is added to keep the cake from being too dry. For additional moisture and to ensure this cake has a tender crumb, a cup of lemon yogurt is the liquid component that brings the cake together. You can use plain yogurt if you wish, but since lemon and blueberries have an affinity for one another, you might as well use this as an opportunity to add another layer of flavor to the cake.

Blueberry Pound CakeWhile not as dense as a traditional pound cake, don't let that stop you from giving this recipe a try. The texture is not all that different and the cake is still quite moist inside that beautiful golden crust. The juicy pockets of blueberries are very welcome against the soft cake - I used frozen wild blueberries, but please feel free to use fresh if you can get your hands on some. Just be sure to toss them with a bit of flour as directed in the recipe to help them grab onto the batter and not sink to the bottom. I used my regular bundt pan as you can see, but you can use a 10" tube pan and it would work just as well - you just may need to adjust the baking time slightly. While I dusted the top with a layer of confectioners' sugar just before we delivered the plates for an added touch of sweetness, you could also glaze the cake, while it is still slightly warm, with a mixture of confectioners' sugar and enough fresh lemon juice to thin it out.

Blueberry Pound Cake


  1. There can't be a better way to leave your old house than to bake something in it!

    You're right, blueberries and lemon go very well together. It has to be one of the best matches.

    The ratio of blueberries to crumb in your picture looks very good, as some recipes only have enough to mock you.

  2. You are so good to us Joe. You've baked and cooked enough to feed us while you travel and settle. Thank you friend.

  3. Joe-
    You know I am in love with bundts and this one take the cake. What a darling mold! Thanks for sharing... now pass the spoon and some haagen daz to go with that blueberry bundt!

  4. Oh beautiful~ That's the star pan, isn't it? I noticed that Nordic sells a bundt cake pan with a tunnel in the middle; looks really cool.

  5. Christina - Yeah, lemon and blueberries rate right up there as a favorite combo!

    Cynthia - Hopefully we can keep people entertained!

    Cityliving - I wish I could have sent you a slice to enjoy, it was so good!

    Emilie - I can't recall what the name of the pan is, but I love the results from it!

  6. Is this an older CL recipe? If so, I think this is the one I make a lot and I love it.

  7. I love this recipe. I made it into muffins to cook faster for breakfast and it was best muffins I had in years. I have tried many recipes but this one was the great. Moist and the top brown. Just perfect. Thanks so much.

  8. Anon - Awesome! Glad to hear it works well as muffins.