Saturday, August 04, 2007

It may take awhile, but this Honey-Oatmeal Sandwich Bread was worth the wait!

Jeff pointed out to me the other day that we were out of homemade bread and had been for over a week! We've been so busy between the trips out to Minneapolis and dealing with trying to sell the house that I guess I had just not noticed. Since I finally had some extra time this morning, I flipped through the yeast bread section of my go-to book lately, the King Arthur Flour Whole Grain Baking cookbook, and spotted this Honey-Oatmeal Sandwich Bread recipe.

This is definitely not a quick recipe as there are several steps and lots of downtime. The recipe calls for old-fashioned rolled oats to be mixed with boiling water, butter, salt and sweet honey - this mixture needs to then be left to cool down so the oats have a chance to soften and the temperature of the mixture is cool enough that it won't kill the yeast. The bread uses a combination of flours - whole wheat flour for a nutritious nutty flavor and some all-purpose flour to keep the loaf from being too heavy or dense. This recipe also calls for dry milk to be added with the flour - the extra protein from the dry milk adds structure and allows for a higher-rising bread without changing the ratio of liquid to dry. You may notice that once you combine the liquid and dry ingredients, the recipe calls for a 45 minute rest. This allows the whole grain flour to absorb the liquids and makes the kneading process a little easier - you don't have to do this step, but I highly recommend it so you don't add too much excess flour while working with the dough.

Honey-Oatmeal Sandwich Bread PictureThis golden bread was soft, sliced easily and made for a great piece of toast with a thin layer of sweet butter or jam. While the honey adds moisture, it does not make this loaf too sweet... so this bread would also be a delicious choice for a savory sandwich. Even though we've only tested it out as a piece of toast, I've already got plans to make us a couple fluffernutters with it for a snack later!


  1. This bread is delicious Joe, I have made it and absolutely loved it too!!
    I also made the cinnamon swirl variation and it was delicious, my son really enjoyed it!

  2. what great timing Joe! I've been looking for a sandwich bread recipe for the school year. I hope this is it, it sounds perfect.

    I'm going to make a loaf this morning! Thanks again!

    Ana, the cinnamon swirl variation sounds fantastic too!

  3. Joe from the look of the results I'd say that that bread is definitely worth the wait! I have to get my hands on that book.

  4. Now that's a serious thing, being out of homemade bread!

  5. Ana - I saw that variation and I will have to give that one a try too. Glad to hear it was just as good!

    Stacey - Let me know if you try it - we have frozen a few slices and they have thawed well!

    Cynthia - we have had such good luck with that book!

    Alanna - tell me about it!