Friday, August 10, 2007

Chicken and rice with a tropical flare...

With everything that is going on involving the impending move next week and getting things in order, dinners will need to be fairly quick to make or at least have little "hands on" time. You can probably expect a slew of chicken recipes as we try to get through the remaining supply in the freezer!

While the total time to make tonight's dinner, Chicken, Rice, and Tropical Fruit Salad, was probably around 45 or 50 minutes, most of it was downtime as we had to wait for the brown basmati rice to cook. Since I didn't need to babysit the rice, I was able to get a lot done during that time! I did poach some chicken breasts while the rice was bubbling away, but you could just as easily use a rotisserie chicken if you wanted. I then quickly sliced and diced some fresh pineapple, mango and juicy red grapes while a handful of sliced almonds were toasting. Once the rice was done, everything was combined and tossed with tangy mixture of lemon juice, fresh mint, canola oil and seasonings. Served on a crisp leaf of romaine lettuce, this nutty rice salad was light and very refreshing with the chunky fruit bringing an addicting sweet flavor to this satisfying savory dish.

Chicken, Rice, and Tropical Fruit Salad

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