Sunday, August 12, 2007

Unsweetened, bittersweet, semisweet and white chocolate all wrapped up in a pretty little cookie...

While we only got 8 new recipes posted this week, I have such a backlog now as I had a mini-baking spree to try and get ingredients used up. I'll be posting these over the next couple of weeks as we have time, since the movers will be here bright and early tomorrow to get everything boxed up and ready to go. Our favorites this week were the Blueberry Cheesecake Ice Cream and the Edamame Corn Chowder.

I decided we needed a break from all of the blueberry and cranberry recipes we've been doing, so what else would I turn to but chocolate? Not just one kind, but 4! The original recipe called for three varieties, but we opted to add a fourth and changed around the title of the recipe to reflect our addition.

Quadruple-Chocolate Fudge Ginger CookiesThese Quadruple-Chocolate Fudge Ginger Cookies are like rich individual brownies that have a sweet heat from a generous amount of crystallized ginger. The recipe calls for you to melt bittersweet and unsweetened chocolate with a couple dabs of butter in a double-boiler, which is how we did it, but you could just as well melt them in a microwave as long as you don't over-heat the mixture. So that accounts for two of the four kinds of chocolate - where do the others come in? Once the batter for the cookies has been combined, we folded in semisweet chips, along with white chocolate chips, when we added the chopped crystallized ginger. You could do all semisweet, but we loved the creamy and sweet flavor that white chocolate instills into these brownie-like gems. Bake these just until the cookies lose most of the shine on top - this way the outside will have firm shell-like texture, while the moist insides stay soft and slightly chewy. They will be a little delicate right from the oven, but they will firm up as they cool.

Quadruple-Chocolate Fudge Ginger Cookies


  1. These look almost obscenely good -- four chocolates???! Wow!

  2. You nasty man! how dare you tempt me with a recipe like that! chocolate AND crystallized ginger? For shame! My hips are frowning at you LOL

  3. You've done it again.
    Another great looking recipe!

  4. oh my gosh. i need one of these immediately!

  5. Mean! Mean! It's bad enough I am allergic to chocolate...but looking at these...Whoa Nelly! I am going to have to make them just to give away....the folks at work will love me! :)

  6. Joe, those look delicious. I hope everything goes smoothly with the move. I will be out of touch starting Wednesday (the Las Vegas trip) but will check back next week.

  7. Oh My Joe, I will have to make this cookies!!!
    I was craving brownies but didn't want to make a whole batch, now these cookies are a good thing, as I could probably freeze some if I have too many left (or I will probably share with friends!).
    How would you freeze these by the way, the dough or the baked cookies??
    Ana (still drooling from seeing that cookie picture!)

  8. Lydia - Thank you!

    Nerissa - /grin!

    Emilie - We really loved these cookies... the movers and packers made quick work of them too!

    Cityliving - They are all gone =( I wish I could have sent you a couple!

    Chris - Oh my, allergic to chocolate! I'm so sorry!!

    Anna - Thank you, it is going to be an interesting drive out! Hope your Vegas trip is fun and exciting!

    Ana - the dough is kind of like brownie batter, but stiffer. I would freeze these baked as I think they would hold up just fine this way.

  9. Thanks Joe!! I will give them a try!