Saturday, January 07, 2006

Are they finally ripe?

I mentioned a few months ago that we had some palm trees along with a lemon tree planted in the backyard. I was suprised to see we had fruit for the first season, so I have been waiting and waiting for the little green bulbs to blossom into brilliant yellow oval fruits.

Now that they have reached their peak, I guess we need to figure out what to do with them all! I'm not sure what to start with... Mini lemon meringue pies? Lemon Cookies? Lemon Curd sounds awfully good. Fresh Lemonade might have to be the first since it is pretty easy. So much to choose from, but I'm not complaining!

I figured tonight's Netflix selection would take longer in the queue to arrive as I thought this DVD just came out. I hope that Kronk's New Groove with David Spade and John Goodman can live up to the the original movie which we really enjoyed - Emperor's New Groove.

I'm expecting this upcoming week to be pretty busy so I will be spending tonight getting the menu done and the grocery list ready. Stick around and see what's happenin' from our kitchen!


  1. I'd have to go with the lemonade, you can't beat fresh homemade lemonade. My kids are watching Kronk's New Groove right now, they got it for Christmas. It's very funny, if you liked the original you will enjoy it.

  2. I think I would go with lemonade also. How many lemons will you get?

  3. I so wish I had a lemon tree! I think they are so beautiful! Nothing beats a glass of fresh squeezed lemonade, except maybe orange juice! Have a great weekend!

  4. Beautiful - I would love to be able to make fresh lemonade!

  5. I think you should do lemon curd and lemonade. In fact, I should make lemonage as well. My tree has far, far too many lemons on it at the moment. The number of pies I've have to make would simply be ridiculous.

  6. I am so jealous to hear about you and all these other people who have lemon trees. I buy lemons in big bags at Costco, and use them a lot. One of my students brought a Ponderosa Lemon for show and tell recently, and when I raved about it, he gave me one. I t made a whole cup of delicious juice.

  7. Aren't lemon trees wonderful? Lemonade is great. Then you could make lemon curd to serve with scones iced in lemon and then there is always the classic--lemon meringue pie--yum! I have a recipe for pie posted at my site that we love. Enjoy them anyway you can!

  8. Hi, one thing that I often do when I have loads of lemons around is squeeze the juice out of a selected portion and freeze them in ice cube boxes. This way you can just take little cubes out when need for your cooking, to throw in the blender for a fab ice cold lemon juice ..And whatever takes your fancy. On the subject of lemon juice, I tend to make lemon juice with a bit of grated ginger..and I make a light syrup and use it to sweeten the juice. It's great.

  9. Michele - We liked it! The first was better, though.

    Patti - We got about 14 this time around!

    Michelle - Thanks!

    Mebeth - I'm quite happy myself!

    Nic - Both sound great! I can't wait till I can say we have too many! hee he!

    Kalyn - Wow a whole cup from one lemon! That's one juicy one!

    Fran - Great Ideas! Thanks!

    Valentina - I agree, I have some in the freezer already - another great idea!

  10. i am so envious. can't grow citrus here, except indoors, and they don't do very well:( -- im sure my kids would vote for lemon meringue pie! curious: how many lemons does 1 tree produce in a season?