Monday, January 02, 2006

Recreating a favorite...

I was looking for a fun recipe to made today as this was the last day of Jeff's vacation... back to work tomorrow!

I can remember as a kid getting Whoppers to munch on when I went to the movies. I have not had them for years and I remembered seeing a recipe for a candy which is pretty close. Chocolated Malted Milk Balls has the right taste, but the inside texture is a little different. It is more light and airy, rather than the dense candy inside of a Whopper. This turned out not to be a bad thing, as it kind of popped in your mouth as you ate it. It starts out as a typical meringue, but powdered sugar, cocoa, and malt powder is folded in to get that familiar flavor. After being pipped into little blobs (not perfect circles, but close enough for me!) and dried out in a low temperature oven, they are dipped into chocolate to get that snappy shell coating.

Tonight's dinner, Asian Chicken Lettuce Wraps, quickly climbed over other wrap recipes we have tried to become one of our favorites. This is a light and quite healthy dish with grilled chicken, bean sprouts and fresh mint. Sriracha in the marinade and dressing packs a nice heat and has a great contrast to the cool mint. Chopped peanuts and bean sprouts lend a pleasant crunch since these are wrapped in soft, tender, and buttery boston lettuce leaves. They are a little messy to eat so have a napkin handy!


  1. Whoppers! Those were a childhood favorite of mine as well. I occasionally have to buy a box, for old times sake. I never would have thought to make them myself. Hmmmm...there grows my 'to try' pile just a little bit more. :)

  2. I've got a canister of maltballs on the counter behind me right this minute! I never even imagined trying to make them myself...hmm, I just may have to give it a try. And, those wraps sound and look wonderful!

  3. I love whoppers! I used to eat them till I made myself sick. I don't dare make them myself, they'd be gone in 10 minutes.

  4. Yum! Malted Milk Balls. When I was a kid my Mother bought these all the time only she bought Brach's brand, not Whoppers (which were better IMHO)
    Those wraps look tasty also.

  5. Yummmm - at home in Canada they called them Maltesers...

  6. The milk balls are fabulous. I have never tried whoppers. Are they like maltesers? This recipe is very inspiring.

  7. Ah, you bring back memories of my childhood when my dad would buy chocolate malted milk balls as a special treat for us. No, they weren't homemade. But to this day they are a comfort food.

  8. JJ - My to-try piles are out of control :)

    EJP - Woohoo! I'm gonna start a tally!

    Alice - Thanks! And I might sneak a few from your canister!

    Mebeth - Yeah, they are pretty addicting!

    Patti - I've never the Brach's version!

    Girl - I actually got a small bag of that kind as a christmas gift. They were so good!

    Valentina - Yup!

    Tim - Comfort food for sure!