Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Anymore stuff inside and they would fall over the ledge...

I got most of the recipes done today as tomorrow is Wednesday Treat Day for Jeff's coworkers. There will be 2 items and I will talk about the other one tomorrow as I have to wait until the last minute to assemble it. This will be the last one for many of them as they have sadly been let go, so I wanted to make sure I would have enough to go around.

The first one, Rocky Ledge Bars, have so much stuff packed into these triangle shaped cookies. It's hard describe them as there is so many flavors going on. The bars are thick, dense, chewy, and very rich. Each piece is overloaded with white chocolate chips, semisweet chips, butterscotch chips, marshmallows and delicious caramel pieces that melt into chewy puddles. The dough base is buttery with a deep richness from the molasses in the dark brown sugar. It was a little tough to determine the doneness as the dough is already golden and trying to find a clean spot to do a toothpick test was almost impossible without hitting a chip, marshmallow or caramel. Are they over the top? Yes... but wow are they tasty!

Tonight's dinner was a nice change of pace in the form of a big ol' apple pancake. Sweet golden delicious apples are satueed in a bit of butter to soften. A heavy egg based batter is whirled in a blender until smooth and then poured on top of the hot apples. After a quick run through a very hot oven the pancake puffs up quite high from the eggs. The batter enveloped the apples when it rose, so I decided to flip it over so you could see the apples on the bottom. Surprisingly, the pancake itself is not overly eggy despite the ratio of ingredients. I left off the maple syrup as they were plently sweet for us and all that was needed was a gentle dusting of confectioners' sugar.


  1. Sometimes breakfast for dinner is a wonderful thing, isn't it? The pancakes are very pretty!

  2. I don't know what I want to copy first--the dinner or the dessert. (It'll have to be the dinner; the dessert is too decadent!)

    Joe, I wanted to let you know I adapted your lemon coconut bread recipe and referenced you--check it out on my blog tonight. It turned out wonderful.

  3. Absolutely beautiful photos. They just jump out and scream "EAT ME NOW!!!"

    Thanks for sharing.

  4. I love reading your blog and have to thank you for the dozens of recipes I've copied from you.
    I've tagged you!

  5. nice photos, Joe! and i, too, love breakfast for dinner.

  6. wow, it's still morning here and I'm wishing you could have made those apple pancakes for my breakfast! i never think of making breakfast for dinner, but I should, because it's such a good idea! The bars look amazingly decadent, and a good way to send off Jeff's co-workers (though, that's so sad that they had to be let go). cheers, micki

  7. OOO that pancake sounds good. I was just thinking of something to stuff some crepes with tonight, but I might try this instead!

  8. mmm, those DO look tasty, but too much particulate matter in the batter can lead to too much junk in the trunk, if y'know what i mean. i guess i'll just dream of 'em....

  9. Wow, you always surprise me with your recipes. I am such a big fan of pancakes and will most certainly give our recipe a go.By the way, I have created an English version of my blog so if you ever have some free time and want to visit you will be able to read the text. It's http://trembomenglishversion.blogspot.com/

  10. Oh yummy! Both recipes sounds good, but the pancakes look delicious!! I love warm apples!

  11. Amanda - Thanks!

    JJ - Yes, big fan of breakfast for dinner here too!

    Cyndi - Thanks for letting me know about the bread - I like the changes you made!

    Ruth - Thank you!

    Kimbie - Thanks! I am way behind on meme's, but I'll let you know if I can get a chance to do it!

    Easily pleased - Thanks!

    Micki - Yeah, I might have to make the pancake again for a weekend breakfast!

    Michelle - Let me know if you ended up making it or not!

    Rae - Lol!

    Valentina - Cool! I'll have to check it out now I can read it!

    Ana - Thanks!