Sunday, January 08, 2006

Some new items we picked up today...

And the first week of the new year has gone by quickly! We made 9 new recipes this past week with the highlights being the Mocha Angel Food Cake and Marbled Rye Bread.

During our weekly grocery shopping trip I grabbed a couple new items we will be having/using this week. They are both from Trader Joes, the first being a new kind of snack.

Papadums, Tandoori Masala style, are thin and very crispy chips. These are made using Fava Bean flour with a variety of indian spices. The chips have a spicy bite and have an aromatic curry-like mix of flavors. They are quite addiciting and have a decent protein count per serving.

The next is a salsa we will be using in an upcoming dish for dinner. I'm excited to try this one as I have never really been a big fan of salsa before, but this one looks pretty promising!

The Netflix DVD of the night will be Unleashed with Jet Li and Morgan Freeman. I remember seeing the previews of this and it looked fairly interesting. I got the menu finalized this morning for this week and have quite a few things planned - I can't wait to get started!


  1. I LOVE Trader Joe's! However the nearest one is in Indianapolis, approximately 45 miles away.

  2. Planning a trip to TJ's next weekend. Thanks for the heads-up on these items. I, too, love that place. Can't wait to see what's cooking this week!

  3. Trader's is one of those places I love to scour to find new stuff. One of our newset finds is the frozen Naan. It comes in two varieties, plain and garlic. It's yummy and reheats in no time at all.

  4. Hey Joe did you know (sorry about that) but if buy the pappadams uncooked, you can cook them in the microwave. I think they take a minute -30 secs on high? (I don't own a microwave obviously) but it is a cheap and healthier way to eat pappadams!

  5. Papdums are so addictive! They're served like bread at Indian have to watch not to eat too many before the meal comes!

    I do miss Trader Joe's...they just don't have them this far East.


  6. How can something with habaƱeros in it be "medium"? How was it?
    Thanks for the heads up on those cool chips. I gotta give ''em a try!

  7. Joe, Clare is right.

    The microwaveable papadums are SO good. You can usually find them in any store with a good Indian section and you can definitely find them in Indian markets. They look like flat, round, discs. You microwave them for a few seconds and they puff up like crazy into big, crunchy, delicious high protein snacks.

  8. that salsa is good, just tried it myself! also, look for the new TJ's multigrain tortilla chips - they are delish. Your previous post about the quinoa salad is super. lately we're into wheatberries - have you had those? not as complete a protien as quinoa, but really tasty.

  9. I bought some papadum chips too! Great minds think alike, huh?

  10. You are all making me jealous! The closest TJ's is almost 4 hours away! Lucky it's near my parents' house so I have to schedule a visit soon!

    I am on an angel food cake kick and I love the idea of making it mocha flavored! Yum!

  11. Patti - Yeah! It's our favorite store!

    Fran - Have fun during your shopping trip!

    Biscuit - Yeah - they always have new things somewhere!

    Clare and Anna - Thanks for that info! I had no idea they were that easy! I will definitely be on the lookout now!

    Stephanie - I can see why, they are so good!

    Cyndi - Good question - We will be finding out later in the week!

    EP - Good to know! We've made a couple dishes with Wheatberries, but Jeff thought it was a little too bland for him.

    Rorie - Cool! How did you like them?

    Jen - Sorry! Let's hope one moves closer to ya! Let me know if you make any angel cakes... we love them

  12. When I lived in PHX, TJ's wasnt there yet. I used to love the winter in Phx, it's just so different from the summer.

  13. I just bought some papadums at TJ too. Have you tried the yogurt and dill? You'd think they'd be cooler, like a cool ranch thing but they are SPICY! Even more so than the tandoori flavor. Sooo Yummy!

  14. We have not, but we will have to get some next time! We really liked the tandoori ones!