Sunday, January 29, 2006

Please... send some this way...

It's official, we've hit a new record in Phoenix this past week. To-date, we have not had a drop of rain for 103 straight days... Crazy! I know we are in the desert... but a little something would be nice!

11 new recipes again this past week. I think the ones we liked the most were Curry and Ginger Crackers along with the Pistachio and Carrot Cake Cookies. Tomorrow night we will be having an interesting combination of ingredients for dinner. When I told Jeff what was included (without telling him what it will end up as) I was asked to make sure we had something else we can heat up in case it does not work out... how's that for confidence?! Here's a little peak at some of the ingredients.

Netflix also sent us Ocean's Eleven as the other DVD for weekend movie nights. This has an all-star cast, but we've had people tell us it is either a love it or hate it movie. I can't remember if we saw parts of this on TV already, but I'm fairly sure we have not seen the whole movie before. We have a quite an adventurous week ahead food-wise for us. Stop back and see what new recipes we try out next!


  1. I will be curious to see what is in the works tomorrow.
    I made your Broccoli and Carrots with Toasted Almonds today and I linked to you for the recipe. Hope you don't mind.

  2. Patti - What did you think of the recipe? We really liked it.

  3. I loved Ocean's Eleven...for me, it was one of those rare films who's remake actually bettered the original.

    Twelve wasn't as bad as critics a bit lost in places, but I thought it (both really) very clever.

    Hope you enjoyed it!

  4. Oh gad, Joe, you can have some of our rain. I think it's day... what... 55 of rain in Seattle? Not truly, because we've had a few days interspersed where it hasn't rained, and even one sunny day! But truly, it's been raining since Thanksgiving.

    Do you think we could trade for a bit?

  5. Hi Joe! Thank you very much for your excellent and inspiring blog, that not only shows great food, but also gives a good look into another food culture with a lot of interesting ingredienses, that I cannot even buy here. Getting more hungry each time I look at your blog :-)
    Really wish I could send you a lot of our rainclouds here from Denmark just as a poor thank-you for sharing your receipes.
    :-) Ulla, Copenhagen

  6. I'll definitely check in tomorrow to see what you've come up with. I seem to start all my mornings with a visit to your blog. So thank you for all the work you put into it. It's a treat ! :)

    Oh, and I loved Ocean's Eleven... all 25 or so times I've seen it. LOL 12 was ok. But not as cleverly written as 11.

  7. Yes Joe, we did like the recipe. I thought the sweetness of the carrots was really brought out.

  8. Stephanie - It was a fun and clever movie!

    Shauna - Please do! We'll send up some sun and heat... deal?

    Ulla - Thank you! I hope we can bring some inspiration to your table!

    Shannon - Wow! That's a lot of times for the movie, but I can see why after watching it!

    Patti - Great! Thanks for letting me know :)

  9. Joe, We'll bottle up some of our rain and send down there. I swear it has rained for three months straight. The sun came out Saturday just long enough to tease and back to rain we are. Snowstorms are hitting the area just east of us and reports are in the last 5 days they've received 53 inches of snow. But I don't envy your 105 days of sun! There has to be a nice balance somewhere!