Thursday, January 12, 2006

Lots of whole grains today...

I'm always looking for new ways to use our supply of whole grains like rolled oats, wheat bran and whole wheat flour for healthy snacks. During our Trader Joe's stop on Sunday, I picked up some Golden raisins that looked very good so we had to get some. I was almost out of the Cran-Apple Muffins so I used the above ingredients to bake more muffins today to replenish the freezer.

Whole Grain Raisin Muffins are packed with healthy, flavorful and filling ingredients. As expected from a bran-type muffin these have a dense texture, but are not heavy or hockey-puck dense. These muffins are moist, tender from the buttermilk, and have just enough sweetness. Using the plump golden raisins adds to the sweetness and lends a soft pleasant texture inside.

Making these today also gave me a reason to test out a new baking item I also received over Christmas. I received 6 of these Sili-Cups, and after using them for the muffins I am so ordering more tonight. Unlike some other silicone baking pans I've used, these had no off smell while baking and they popped right out directly after removal from the oven. No more than a couple crumbs were left behind in the cups. I can see filling up a big sheet pan with these and doing many muffins/cupcakes at one time. Too cool!

Nothing too special tonight for dinner. I was after a quick meal and we had some whole wheat bread to use up, so the dish tonight was Canadian Bacon and Egg Sandwiches. The recipe did have a caramelized onion topping, but alas I had no onions in the house as I used the last one the other night. Even without, these were quick and fantastic as we love Canadian bacon. I gave the canadian bacon a few minutes in the pan to crisp up, but left the egg fairly runny as that's how we prefer it. Great quick weeknight sandwich!


  1. I'm acutally suprised to hear that the silicone muffin cups work so well, Joe. Perhaps I'll think about investing in a few myself!

  2. I'm going to make those muffins tomrorrow, they look so good! The Sili-Cups sound really cool. I got a Pampered Chef stoneware muffin pan for Chrismtas and I love it, nothing sticks at all!

  3. Nic - I am still surprised myself how well they worked. The ease of release was way cool compared to other silicone baking pans I've used in the past. My only concern is overflow, but they seemed to expand the cups out while baking before up so that was not an issue, yet.

    Michele - We really liked muffins, I had another one earlier as a snack. Pretty filling too!

  4. I have a silicone muffin pan...I'm only so-so about it. These individual muffin cups sound pretty cool, though!

  5. Joe, I looked a the sili-cups description and it said "dishwasher safe." I"M the dishwasher--how hard are they to clean/or do you need to clean them? Do they get an oil buildup? I thought about PC's stoneware muffin pan, but it's too heavy for my tastes.

  6. Alice - I have tried the pan kind and didn't care for it - but there are many different brands!

    Cyndi - I've only used them once so I don't have any idea yet! The one time I used them they only needed a quick rinse to be clean!