Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Back to the treats...

Jeff "officially" transitioned into his new job Monday, but since we will still be in Phoenix for some time, we figured we could continue on with the Wednesday Treat Day for his former coworkers! He works from home now, but sometimes goes in to get mail or whatnot.

These Cinnamon Chip Gems are definitely a treat for one who loves cinnamon. Toasted almonds are ground to bring an exquisite addition to an outer shell made from cream cheese, flour, sugar and ground almonds. The shell is formed in a mini muffin pan which creates a perfect sized mini vessel for the filling. A small amount of cinnamon chips are then added as a bottom layer before the filling is poured in. The creamy filling is simply made from luscious combination of sweetened condensed milk, eggs and vanilla. Once poured into the shells, they are baked until the filling puffs up and the almond-enhanced crust acquires a deep golden color. A small handful of intense cinnamon-flavored chips are arranged on top to adhere on the set filling. The crisp shell with the creamy centers and a surprise hidden layer of melted chips made these a small but decadent treat to be eaten.


  1. Ohhh...all I need to go with these is a frothy latte'.

  2. These look pretty and the crust seems to be so crispy! I guess I would make them with chocolate chips, as I am not a big fan of the cinnamon ones, they should work fine, right?!

  3. These look so good...I did not know there was such a thing as cinnamon chips! Where have I been. You are such an innovator.

  4. These look DIVINE! But I have to ask, where do you find cinnamon chips?? I don't think I've ever seen those in the stores before. I suppose, in a pinch, you could sub chocolate chips and just suffer.

  5. Those look fantastic. If you or Jeff would like a job in retail in Kansas City, I believe I could arrange something, if it meant we got treats every week. ;p. Those really do look great and like a fun treat.

  6. These are the cutest things! They look like the very treats I fall in love with -- lots of crust!

  7. Wow those look scrumptious - Somehow I don't think they're very South Beach Diet friendly, but I'm bookmarking it for a treat day.

    Thanks for sharing.

  8. Woah, do these ever look delish!

  9. Chloe - Thanks! Molasses cookies huh? I think we could take care of them quickly here!

    Emily - I'm with you on that!

    Ana = I bet chocolate chips would be an awesome replacement!

    Janice - Let me tell you, these chips are pretty darn tasty!

    Lisa - They are made by Hersheys - I find them in the normal baking isle!

    Punky - Kansas City huh? Hmm I'll talk to Jeff about it!

    Lori - Yeah and I love the nutty bits from the almonds in the crust!

    Ruth - I can't say they are, but it is worth it for a treat!

    Cameradawktor Thanks!

  10. I made these with peanut butter chips instead and they turned out really tasty!