Tuesday, May 09, 2006

Two bite cookies...

You know what today is already... it was another day of baking for Wednesday Treat Day so Jeff could bring in snacks for his co-workers. We went with a two bite cookie this time.

Tangy Lime Thumbprints may be petite, but each bite takes advantage of a crumbly base with an explosion of flavor coming from a bountiful tangy filling. The cookie starts off with a simple shortbread-like dough. Once rolled into balls, a dimple is made in the center of each one with your thumb. Each impression is then filled with the thick and zesty lime filling. The cookies are only baked until set to make sure they keep their light exterior to boast the light green center.

Tonight's dinner was a fun and different salad for us. Taco Salad has many flavors going on and allows you to set the level of heat to your own desire. Since we like it spicy, we used a Habanero and Lime Salsa from Trader Joe's. The romaine base is lightly dressed with a mixture of sour cream and the mentioned salsa. Ground turkey is then cooked with kidney beans (second time ever using them!) and fresh roma tomatoes. To add some smokey flavor and a southwest feel, cumin and chili powder are added in as seasonings. Right before serving, cilantro and more of the sour cream/salsa mixture finishes out the meaty filling. Once assembled, a sprinkling of sharp white cheddar and some baked tortilla chips rounded out our hearty dinner.


  1. I don't know, I'll bet I could eat a thumbprint in one bite- they look incredible!

  2. Rachael - Thanks! We love lime anything...

    Sab - thanks!

    s'kat - shh.... we may have had a couple in one bite too!