Sunday, May 28, 2006

Set one of two from the wedding...

I am going to split the wedding pictures into two posts as there are quite a few. I promise we will try to get back on track with the food posts after I get the next set of pictures done. Thank you again for bearing with us! We are flying our way back home tomorrow and I can't wait to get started cookin' and bakin' in the kitchen this week! *As always, pics are clickable for larger and more clear viewing if you so choose. You also may need to click it again depending on your browser as they may try to resize it and it can get pixilated.

I showed you in the last set some of the open areas of the farm. This was quickly changed as we set up just under 250 folding chairs.

Mom turned this old tree that had to be cut down into a large circular plant holder near the house.

She worked very hard to get even the smallest details done for Jennifer and Steve. She planned out and put together this large iron archway for the minister and wedding party to stand by. She decorated it with grapevines just cut from the farm along with some of the flowers she grows.

Here is a rare shot of her - still working in her dress no less. She is placing red roses on the kneeling bench for them to give out later.

Jen and Steve met and fell in love in a bowling league of all places, so Mom made sure to come up with many references to that. Here is one of the pieces she made.

They wanted to have the reception and dance also at the farm, so two huge tents were put up - after we got all of the tables set up, we had to get them covered in tablecloths and decorated.

Here is how Mom had us decorate the head table - MANY fresh lilacs were freshly cut and set on each of the guest tables as well. Behind them are several lattice panels in different heights laced with more grapevines, flowers and some lights.

Your dorky food blogger dressed up for the wedding....

Here's a sneak peak of the happy couple - we will post tomorrow the final set of wedding pics and then back to the food!


  1. Awwww, love the pictures! Everything looks so beautiful.

  2. I don't think you look dorky at all. Quite dashing. Sorry I haven't checked in on you in quite a while-been busy, too. Your trip "home" sounds like you had a great time. Best of luck on the house-hunting.

  3. Since I love to plan parties, I know how much work this wedding must have been. It turned out to be so beautiful. Your sister is lucky!

    By the way, you looked very nice!

  4. Everything looks so beautiful! And you look great, Joe. I love those little bowling pin people - too cute.

  5. What a beautiful setting! Your mom did a great job with the decorations. And you looked quite spiffy.

    Can't wait to see the rest of the pictures.

  6. hi, i really love the pictorial commentary u have of the wedding. And the food u feature are all so different from what i know here. I enjoy your blog. Keep it coming ! :)

  7. 1) you are NOT dorky looking at all!
    2) The wedding looks like it was a lot of fun. Thanks for sharing the piccies
    3) happy house hunting!

  8. Thanks for sharing - it is so well organized and pretty :D

  9. Obviously a tremendous effort that paid off well. Very beautiful.
    I'm sure there was at least one mention of how he "bowled" her over at first sight (or vise versa).

    Love the site, thanks for sharing.

  10. Really enjoyed the pictures...YourMother is very clever......must be in the genes!

    Hope you continue with your culinary in the desert,even if you change the name!

  11. Your Mom did an awesome and creative job with the decorations, Joe! The bowling pin people are adorable, too!
    AND you don't look dorky at all, I think you look quite handsome :-)

  12. I'm not convinced about the non-dorkiness, but thank you all for the nice comments! Mom has not taken the time off... she first had to get everything back to where it needed to go and then decided to redo Jen and Steve's bathroom while they are on their honeymoon!