Friday, May 26, 2006

House hunting and more of the farm....

So we have been busy out here looking at houses when Jeff is done at work in his new office. We have seen 9 - while they were very nice and gave us a few options, none of them unfortunely had that "this is the one" feel when we walked through. I think if we picked any of them, it would be like we were settling and since we are not pressed for time yet, I think we will just wait until the week after next to see if anything new comes on the market.

Before we start the wedding pictures, I went through some more of the farm ones we took and wanted to give you a few more to see where I spent my time growing up. I hope you don't mind!

Mom is pretty creative and crafty when she finds leftover stuff - she made some play things out of old tires for the swingset.

As I mentioned before, Mom has flower gardens all over - here is another shot of one. Since we have a lot of old trees on the farm, she makes good use of them if they fall down or get hit by lightning - edging for the beds!

Here is a close up of one flower that was opening the morning we arrived.

This view is from the patio on the side of the house. Way in the back you can see where she has started her endless rows of fresh vegetables to use or sell at the farmers market. The rows go up and behind the set of trees on the left.

The farm is on the outer skirts of town so when people are tired of their pets or can't keep them, a lot of times they end up dropping them off in one of the pastures or even on the side of the road. Mom has taken many animals over the years and nursed them back to health and kept them on the farm. Here is one of the outside kitties trying to peak in one of the many tubs she uses. I think he's lookin' for some hidden fish!

Here she has a circular bed of brillant yellow tulips in front of an old chestnut tree - and yes, roasting of the chestnuts is known to happen!

Here's a different view, the tulips are in the center and in the back is a very old chicken coop.

The goats need some shelter, so here is where they stay in one of the older barns. In front is where some of the chickens and turkeys are located. Upstairs is filled with bailed hay and straw. I certanly don't miss the time of the year when that happens (oops... you didn't just read that Mom!)

The goats like to pretend they are rock climbers so she built up an area with some large old logs. They like to show off when they have visitors.

Many new goats were born at the farm this year, these two cuties are just over a month old. Jeff has yet to name them, but I'm sure that won't last long!

I hope we are not boring you! We are flying back to Phoenix on Monday, so hopefully I can get back in the kitchen and get some food cookin' soon!


  1. What a wondefull place you grew up Joe!
    I miss the recipes and reviews, but am enjoying the farm pictures just as much as the food ones!! Very pretty pictures!!

  2. What a wonderful place to grow up. My Grandfather kept chickens when I was little and I thought it was so fascinating, I can not imagine how great it must have been being young here.

  3. Thanks for sharing the pics, Joe! It looks like you grew up in a beautiful place. Good luck with the house hunting!

  4. Guys, this is a wonderful interlude. What an intensely gorgeous place!

  5. Hi,
    long time lurker, first time commenter. I WANT THOSE GOATS DAMMIT!!
    If I were you, I'd just move back to your mom's IT!
    and...I WANT THOSE GOATS!! So so so (so) CUTE!
    Thanks for sharing. Will your mom adopt me? (and my husband and two teenagers??) Please?? Ask her!!

  6. Hey Joe

    Wow... my eyes sorta did backflips looking at the expanse of space where you grew up.

    Seems like a great place for kids growing up.

    Thanks for the pics and naration. Enjoyed it tremendously.

  7. wow, i'm so amazed at where you grew beautiful!! your mom sounds like an awesome lady.

  8. Just a story book place! Your mom seems pretty special to me.....

  9. it looks like a fantastic farm! goats are so cute :) have a safe trip back

  10. I always enjoy your posts and yr recipes.Thanks for sharing.

    I love your Mom,she's so sweet and caring! Lucky you !

  11. Such a beautiful place! Thanks so much for sharing all the photos.

  12. Thank you guys! I'm sure Mom would more than welcome you - she could always use extra hands in the garden!