Saturday, May 06, 2006

Stockin' the freezer

I have not had a chance to refill the freezer with muffins since we came back from the trips out east, so I took some time this morning to bake up a batch to start filling it up again.

Today's recipe, Caramel Apple Muffins, is a light and tender muffin packed with lots of chopped apples. While these golden muffins bake, tart apples soften and soak up the sweet flavor from the caramel topping that was added into the batter. Fragrant cinnamon and nutmeg heighten the flavor of the moist muffins and the healthy addition of rolled oats and ground flax seeds boosts the nutrition.

Tonight's DVD from Netflix, The Man, sounds like it should lighten the stress around here. It stars Samuel L. Jackson and Eugene Levy. Another full week ahead, so I'll be planning the menu out tonight during the movie!


  1. Nice looking Muffin Joe!
    I have that cookbook and it is great! The chocolate chip banana muffins are delicious and became one of my husbands favorites! (although I usually use raisins in place of the chips since my husband prefers them)
    Gotta try the apple ones too!

  2. Hmmm.. that sounds like a better combo of caramel and apples than the candy apples of childhood. Goodness knows that we threw away lots of apple after eating the sweet outsides as kids. cooking the apple with caramel makes more sense. Maybe THAT's how they should sell candy apples--with roasted apples.

  3. Ana - I need to make more recipes from this book - they look really good!

    Nerissa - Interesting suggestion with roasted caramel apples - it sounds awesome!

  4. Alejandra - Thanks! Let us know if you give anything a try!