Saturday, May 13, 2006

New variation...

We are preparing to leave for another trip this week, so I was looking for new snacks to bake and bring along. We needed something that would store well and survive the trip, so we went with a favorite... biscotti!

Polenta biscotti is made pretty much the same way we have done other biscotti. This time, polenta (or coarse cornmeal) brings a new texture into the mix. Also, a touch of olive oil is added - make sure to use a mild-flavored one so it does not overpower these crunchy cookies scented with vanilla. While they are not overly dry or too hard, these ache to be dunked from the added crunch the polenta brings. Next time, maybe adding lemon zest and a dip in white chocolate? Hmm... I wonder if we can finish these off fast enough so we can try that out before we leave!

Tonight's DVD from Netflix finally catches us up to the latest release of the potter series - Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire. Since we have a short upcoming week of cooking, I imagine the planning will be short for tomorrow's grocery list. More later on where we are headed this time!


  1. Yo...your blog is yummilious :D I'll be back for more.....

  2. Shionge - Thanks!

    Patti - Thank you, we have several flights coming up too!