Friday, July 07, 2006

All packed up and on the move....

The movers were here yesterday packing up the house and came back today to load the truck... the house is now empty (echo... echo... echo...) and we are "officially" on the move! The past couple of days have just flown by and I didn't even get to cook or bake anything... boo! We are flying back east early in the morning to pick up the car we drove out with the pets a few months ago. We will drive back over to Maryland on Sunday and then we wait until Thursday when we close on the new house.

In other news... it seems our camera may have been taken (sigh...) during the whole process. We will have to wait and see what happens in that department once we get settled in - until then it looks like we may have to look into getting a new camera. I do have a few new recipes that we made last week with pictures that I will be getting posted over the next week - check back to see what else we ended up making! Thanks for all the support and well wishes - hopefully the rest of the move will go smoothly!


  1. happy moving!!!! hope you find the camera, and if not, what an excuse to get a new one. :)

    what will you be once you're out of teh desert? will you still be culinary in the desert?

  2. Have a save trip!

  3. Have a wonderful & safe move. Will miss you being here in the desert! Do they have TJ's in your new area? Can't wait to see what your new blog name is.

  4. Have a safe trip to Maryland! What an annoyance about your camera. Hope it all ends well :-/

  5. Happy moving!Can't wait to see pics of the new place.

  6. have a safe trip to your new home :) :)

  7. Good luck with the move guys!

  8. Aside from the camera incident (shudder), hope everything else goes smoothly. Bon voyage, guys!

  9. I hope your move goes smoothly! And your camera shows up.

  10. safe trip!!! think of the restaurant reviews you can do.

  11. Christine - Good question! Still deciding!

    Barbara and Dani - Thanks!

    Fran - They do, but it is quite a drive =( Bah

    Nerissa - Thanks, hopefully we find it!

    Emily - We will get some posted as soon as we get/find the camera!

    Sab and Patti - Thanks!

    s'kat - Yeah, we are a little on edge about it... but can't do anything about it quite yet.

    Tammy - Thanks!

    Doodles - I've yet to really get into reviewing resaurants... maybe soon!

    Catherine - Thanks!