Saturday, July 29, 2006

Rich individual brownie bites...

When we roam through Costco, Jeff always seems to take his time going through the bakery department and makes sure to point out the mini brownies they carry. I kept telling him we could just make some at home, so I finally came through on my promise.

Mini Brownie Cappuccino Bites are individual sized brownie cups baked in mini muffin tins. The flavor of "cappuccino" comes out with the addition of espresso powder, cinnamon and nutmeg. Espresso powder (you could use instant coffee as well) amplifies the deep rich chocolate flavor the cocoa adds. Because Jeff loves anything with M&Ms, I scattered mini M&Ms on top after I portioned out the thick batter (which was mighty tasty on its own...). If you wanted, you could just fold them in or use mini chocolate chips - that's less fun though! These intense dark bites do not take very long to bake, so you may want to stay nearby so you can check them. As long as you take them out when they are still slightly wet in the center, they stay pretty fudgy throughout. Jeff gave them two big thumbs up after extensive (he does not share well, I am lucky to get any crumbs!) taste testing.


  1. Yummmm, chocolate!!! These look so delicious and fudgy! I have been in a coffee mood lately, even my 4 year old decided he also like the stuff... not sure if it is good at his age though, too much caffeine = endless energy!

  2. All that fudgy goodness ust may make me get up from this computer and go bake something!

  3. This may sound odd, but they look so "happy!" (And, of course, tasty.)

  4. Yum! Those look great! I'm adding them to my ever-growing list of things I want to make.

  5. Yum! They look great. Hopefully it cools down soon here, so I can start using the oven again.

  6. Ana - Hee hee - super buzzed kids! As long as they have plenty of room to run around I guess!

    Emily - I know that feeling!

    Laura - Not odd at all! They are certainly colorful!

    Barbara - Let me know if you try them!

    Dani - I see it is suppose to get even warmer and muggier here!

    Linda and Erika - Thanks!

  7. ooh that looks so good........i'm so going to try that and keep them all for myself ;p

  8. Lexi - Hee hee - go for it!