Monday, July 17, 2006

Laptop meltdown...

Well... I was all ready to talk about dinner we had tonight when my laptop decided it was going to have a meltdown.... I will be back tomorrow as I will get my main PC put together and we will continue on with daily posts! Sorry for my absence! This also means I've lost any e-mails you may have sent in the past couple days that I had not had a chance to respond to - please feel free to resend if you wish!


  1. Bummer. Just stay calm. Moving is an adventure. (HaHa.)

  2. Oh, honey... welcome to "Mercury retrograde," as my astrologer friend would say. Communications, transportation, electronics, etc., are ALL compromised during this period.

    She says things will be better starting the second week in August... and I choose to believe her, 'cause otherwise all the crap that's malfunctioning in my household would be MY fault, right?!?

    Hang in there, and I'll see you on the other side...


  3. My computer has been acting up lately too. It is very frustrating. Good luck, I'll be looking forward to your next post!

  4. Oh and I just linked you!
    You could link me too if you want...wink, wink.

  5. I think you had the meltdown because you brought the hot weather from AZ to MD with you! I ready for a personal meltdown myself!

    I hope you are back soon!

  6. I'd say it was the heat, but heck, you just moved from Phoenix.....
    Of course it's hot as blazes here now.....hey!....did you bring this heat with you? Send it back!

  7. Joe, accept our sympathies Re your computer. We just got ours back from Gateway, which was due here on July 5. I've been on the phone countless hours with Gateway and DHL; and up until today, the package was essentially lost. We started a lost-package claim, when we got a call this morning from DHL that a delivery would be arriving. So hang in there; it can actually work out.

  8. Kalyn - An adventure.... I might have a few other choice words! hee hee - It will all play out soon enough I'm sure... but that does not mean it will be easy!

    Annie - I'll add you as soon as I do another template update!

    Linda - ugh, what is with this weather?!

    Barbara - no fair, I swear we didn't bring it!

    Harry - Wow, what a hassel for you! At least it is back home - hopefully problem free!