Thursday, July 13, 2006

Angry shrimp...

I think we used up a few trees with as many documents we had to sign today... we did get a couple nice coffee mugs filled with lots of chocolate out of the deal! Everything went well during the final walk-through and we closed on the new house this morning. The excitement quickly fell into a bit of nervousness as we realized we "officially" own two houses. Scary, but hopefully we can get something happening with the Phoenix house - there are just so many houses in the market now that people are certainly taking their time choosing.

I can't remember which day, but Jeff wanted something spicy and seafoodish for lunch before we left. I knew we had some raw shrimp in the freezer, so after searching through the recipe stacks we ended up with Shrimp Arrabbiata. Since fresh pasta takes just a minute or two to cook, I waited until the end of the recipe to dunk the pasta instead of trying to keep it warm. The chunky fire roasted tomatoes brought a subtle smokiness and ensured the sauce would be thick. It was not as spicy the first day, but as it sat overnight, we noticed it grew more intense. I think a habanero or jalapeno would be in order next time. I don't like how shrimp reheat in the microwave, so I pulled them aside before we reheated the pasta and sauce. If you are running behind, this would be a nice last minute meal as it is pretty quick to make.


  1. Congrats on the new house. I'll keep my fingers crossed for a quick sale of the Phoenix house.

    And that shrimp dish looks so good!

  2. Congratulations on the new house. I hope your house in Phoenix sells quickly for you.
    Have fun unpacking!
    The shrimp dish really looks yummy!

  3. All digits crossed for you regarding the selling of Phoenix house. Hope the unpacking and decorating of new house goes well.
    The shrimp looks faboo! Is that fresh pasta or from dried? I'm sure I know the answer but I just thought I'd ask *g*

  4. I bet some rehydrated anchos would've gone great...or some chipolte's!

  5. Joe -

    Congrats on the new home! We're about to start the process ourselves - meeting with the realtor tomorrow. The good news is we're not in a big rush, and we're just staying in the local area...

    Shrimp. Pasta. YUM! That looks SO good! You've pretty much guaranteed I'll be cooking something similar sometime soon - thanks!

  6. Hey Joe - I saw the "Small Batch Baking" cookbook linked over on the left -- how's the book?

  7. so glad i stumbled onto this blog! the food looks great, btw.

  8. good luck guys !!! :) I am sure everything will turn out very well. and when you are too stressed think of a little vacation you 2 could take in toulouse, south of france :) :) ...

    I send you more pics today ... think of you. bye.

  9. Congrats on the new house!! I hope the Phoenix house sells quickly. Enjoy your new digs in MD...hope you guys get settled soon :-)

  10. hope things with the house works out well.......the food looks so getting all the ingredients together and am hoping to try out the muffin recipe tomorrow so hope it works out

  11. WELCOME to Maryland! I have been on vacation for a few weeks and have missed your posts. I hope that you enjoy the new house. I hope that the house in Phoenix sells soon!

    I will have to make this soon! It looks wonderful.

  12. Barbara - Thanks!

    Tammy - The packing is kind of fun.... I wish they did a better job though, some stuff was not packed well.

    Nerissa - The pasta was fresh :)

    Wheresmymind - Good Idea!

    Jeph - Not being in a rush is a good thing, we came down to the wire as Jeff really needed to be out here as soon as possible.

    Catherine - We love that book - a search from the top bar should show you some recipes we have done from it. If you would like something specific - please feel free to ask!

    Arcadia - Thank you!

    Sab - Thanks so much for sending the delicious pictures!

    Val - Thanks!

    Lexi - I hope the muffins were tasty!

    Linda - Thank you! Hopefully we will hear something soon!

  13. Oh yes, when I say I own two houses, it's a complaint, not a brag. ;-) Good luck with selling your house - I can certainly sympathize. The market in Indiana is horrible - lots on the market, lots of new construction, not much moving. I think we have until the end of August or September before the company will buy it from us. At least that option is there.....