Friday, July 21, 2006

Quick dinner to use up the leftover grilled tenderlion...

I guess around this area, people always mow their lawn on Fridays... is this a common thing in rural areas or just our neighbors? Just so we make nice, we have started doing the same thing (yeah yeah....) Since I knew I was going to be tired after getting the lawn done along with dealing with more unpacking, I wanted to have a quick and easy dinner that I could throw together.

Tonight's recipe, Barbecued Pork Sandwiches, uses up the rest of the Chipotle tenderlion we made the other night. Even though I listed the grilled onions in the recipe, I had to leave them out as we did not have any. The markets here are not very close, so I can't run down the street like we could in Phoenix to pick up one or two things. I am sure they would be even more delicious with them! As I mentioned before, I thought the tenderlion could have used a bit more spice, so I added in some Franks Red Hot. The chewy whole wheat buns along with the tender pork were a snap to prepare and hit the spot after working outside all day. I served them with these tasty and crunchy flat pretzels from "Snack Factory" that we got at Costco this past weekend.



  1. Those "Snack Factory" pretzels are awesome. I love them and they are not bad for you as chips are!

  2. Hi Joe

    The sandwich looks amazing. A good pulled pork, bbq pork or a bufana is simply heaven.


  3. I can't wait to hear about your cold weather meals. I know you're from MN, but you've been in warm phoenix for awhile. I've been in Ontario for 4yrs now and I'm still not used to it. As my ex would say " Ish".

  4. Nice sammich! Really enjoy your blog.

    We've recently been adding Vermont maple syrup to our chipotle tenderloin marinade and the results kick ass.

  5. Pork tenderloins are great for leftovers...yum!

  6. Linda - We've had the Everything, garlic and plain versions... very tasty! Good with Laughing cow cheese too!

    Jasmine - I agree!

    EJ - Hmm.. alpaca sandwich huh? I don't think Jeff would look to kindly upon that! Hee hee!

    cpc - Maple syrup huh? I'll have to try that out.. thanks for the tip!

    Wheresmymind - yeah!