Saturday, July 01, 2006

Sweet ending....

We didn't have much time at the house this morning, we had to get everything cleaned up and leave as we had an open house today. After we left, we ended up at a Saturday market and found some nice looking organic strawberries - I had just the recipe in mind as soon as I tasted one.

Served in tall slender glasses, Strawberry Cream took very little prep time to throw together and only needed some extra time to set in the refrigerator. Delicious fresh strawberries are pureed with vanilla scented granulated sugar and a dash of vanilla extract. To add some richness to this light strawberry base, sour cream is added, followed by some dissolved gelatin to lend some body and texture. The creamy soft set mixture is finished with more fresh strawberries that have been diced and allowed to macerate with a touch of sugar to cajole some juices out of them. Garnished with a sprig of chocolate mint, this was a cool and refreshing way to wind down this very busy Saturday.


  1. Oh Yumm! This cream looks gorgeous and sounds so good! I love creamy desserts! Definitely going to make it!
    Thanks for the review Joe!

  2. Now I know what to do with the strawberries I have in the fridge, thanks Joe :)

  3. Ana - Big fan of creamy desserts too - I can't wait to have this again when we get the move done!

    Michele - Hope it turned out okay!