Monday, April 10, 2006

It doesn't have to come from a box to be a quick meal...

While we have made a few Mac and Cheese recipes before, the recipe we made tonight was definitely the quickest to make. It is not too traditional, but it is quite healthy and very tasty.

This recipe, No-Bake Macaroni and Cheese, takes a turn from the norm as it has some broccoli that cooks along with the noodles. For the pasta, I used the Barilla Plus version again as we have found it to have a great texture. The tender broccoli and pasta are cloaked in a creamy, thick and very cheesy sauce made from plain soy milk, sharp white cheddar and Parmesan that adds a salty bite. Jeff was afraid that the broccoli might overpower the flavors, but it added a nice texture and bulked up each serving. This came together in under 30 minutes which made it a great weeknight dish - this will also be a great lunch tomorrow!


  1. Oooh, maybe I could substitute this for my beloved (yet disgusting) Velveeta Shells 'n Cheese!

  2. I add this recipe on my tablets... this plain soy milk - based cheesy sauce sounds wonderful ... ;)

  3. Joe, this sounds wonderful. I've been planning to try the Barilla Plus after I saw you gave it a good review.

  4. Oh, I was eyeing this recipe in the current EW! I love the idea of combining broccoli and mac & cheese.

  5. Oohlala... I LOVE pasta, broccoli and cheese sauce. My mom has a rigatoni and broccoli dish that I love but it's also baked so it's not exactly quick as yours.

  6. Mebeth - Try it!

    Sab - Hope you give it a go - the leftovers reheated well too!

    Kalyn - I'll be watching to see if you give it a try - it's pretty close to regular pasta

    Dawna - Same here!

    Nerissa - I'd love to see that recipe - sounds like a good weekend dish!