Sunday, April 23, 2006

What's on tap for this week....

Because of all the travel, we only got in 3 new recipes this week... boo! The Peanut-Chocolate Half-Moons were definitely the favorite of them! I also updated the recipe section to the left - I was about three weeks behind, but they are all up to date now! *You may need to hit refresh to see the new additions.

Keeping with our Sunday tradition of giving a sneak peak at the upcoming week recipes, here are a couple items that will make an appearance (not together of course!) These muti-colored cherry tomatoes will be used in tomorrow's dinner.

The bright green pistachio's will be turned into something for the Wednesday Treat Day for Jeff's co-workers.

Not a ton to plan for this week because we will be travelling a couple days again, but I do have some other recipes we have done that have not yet made it on the website! Thanks for the house selling/buying wishes - I hope we hear something soon so we can get the next ball rolling on this whole move thing! Until tomorrow...


  1. I'm intrigued already with the ingredients. :)

    Good luck on your move to Maryland! I haven't had a chance to add my two cents worth yet so I thought I'd add it here :D Hope the moving isn't too hard on you all!

  2. Nerissa - Thanks! So far, the stress of selling the house is outweighing anything else related to the move!