Sunday, April 16, 2006

Happy Easter!

Hope everyone who celebrates is having a great holiday today!

We are out of state traveling so the daily updates might be hit or miss depending on internet connectivity - we should be back to normal on Thursday. Before we left we had to make something Easter related, so we went with some little egg-shaped cakes!

I did not want to make a large recipe, so I went looking in the Small-Batch Baking cookbook. We decided on the White Chocolate Layer Cake recipe. It was suppose to make enough to fill 2 15 ounce cans, but I used the Reyonlds egg shaped foil cups instead. We got 4 individual sized cakes - the white chocolate flavor was subtle, but you could easily tell that it was there. We had some guests show up when we had started to decorate, so we let them do some fun piping and decorating with some buttercream I made. These little cakes were surprisingly moist and I think we may have to try to increase the ingredients to bake up a larger version.



  1. I love that Small Batch Baking book. I've made several things from it, including todays cookies!

  2. nice little snacks....too cute to eat..chuckle