Monday, April 24, 2006

It's tofu... again... and it was really good!

I mentioned in the post yesterday that we had a bunch of cherry tomatoes and I wanted to get them used up tonight. Tonight's dish also introduced us to another use for tofu... it was turned into a sauce!

Creamy Spinach and Tofu Spaghetti starts out by roasting halved cherry tomatoes until the skins burst and they turn tender. While they are cookin' away in the oven, you make an interesting sauce for the spaghetti by pureeing fresh spinach, basil and silken tofu. Sharp cheese is also added with a splash of red wine vinegar that brightens up the flavors. This turns into a generous amount of a silky smooth sauce that coats each strand of the nutty whole wheat noodles with a fresh from the garden taste. The juicy soft tomatoes bring color and add to the very heathly nature of this dish. To finish, toasted pine nuts are added that bring a delicate, rich and buttery crunch. *Be sure to store your pine nuts in the fridge or freezer - since they are pretty high in fat, they can go rancid fairly fast.


  1. this looks delicious. my cousin tried to cook some tofu last night. when i asked her how it came out she said it was gross and it reminded her of when she used to eat paste in grade school... heh heh heh. i told her she had done something wrong.

  2. Wow, is this recipe from the last CL issue?? It looks and sounds delicious!
    I am not fan of pasta, but your description of the dish made me want to try this one! I love spinach and also creamy sauces, so this realy caught my eye!
    Thanks for the review, maybe I will try it on Sunday!

  3. barbie2be - Hmm, grade school paste does not sound tempting.. hee hee! I hope she tries again, it can be very tasty!

    Barbara - Thanks!

    Ana - yep! Let me know if you do try it!

  4. I really enjoy your picture of the tomatoes in the glass. :)

  5. nice tomato shot! thanks for sharing.

  6. Andrea and Kat - Thank you!