Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Yep... treat day is back!

Since we had been travelling, we missed the last two Wednesdays, which means we missed making treats for Jeff's co-workers for Wednesday Treat Day. As I mentioned on Sunday, we were going to be using pistachios in this weeks treat... and when Jeff took a bite and said "Wow! These are really good... do we have to bring them in?" I guess we picked the right thing to make!

Pistachio White Chocolate Chunk Cookies have a wonderful thick crisp outer edge with a slight chew as you nibble towards the center. Rolled oats are whirled briefly in a food processor to chop them up a bit - this gives the cookie a toothsome texture. Instead of using white chips, I used a block of real white chocolate that I cut into fairly large chunks. In addition to mixing the pistachios inside the batter, some of them are reserved so you can sprinkle them on the raw dough before baking. This gives them nice appearance and adds some crunch on top. If you can find them, make sure you use plain, raw and unsalted pistachios - I get the already shelled variety at Trader Joe's. I got about 53 cookies from this batch, and they were fairly large cookies!


  1. They look delish! I'm a sucker for those huge bags of pistachios at CostULess!

  2. You are the cookie master....these look great! But then again, when have any of your recipes not looked good. :)

  3. These cookies look great but I'm not much of a white chocolate fan. Pity. Do you think the pistachios would go okay with dark chocolate?

  4. Mmm! With the addition of a few chunks of bittersweet chocolate, these would be just like my favourite cookie in the world from Harbord Bakery here in Toronto. I'm bookmarking this recipe!

    And I love Jeff's comment after tasting these. Yes, something sharing does seem overrated!

  5. purplecupcake - Thanks! They are good on salads too!

    Barbara - aww... thank you!

    Nerissa - I would definitely try that combination!

    Tania - He did share, but snuck a few for himself for later!

  6. To be honest I've tried them, but I have color issues with green chunk studded cookies.

    Still, the white chocolate makes it.