Tuesday, April 04, 2006

More mini treats...

Another Tuesday of baking treats for Wednesday Treat Day so Jeff can bring in stuff for his co-workers. He wanted something bite sized this time, so we went mini muffins!

Mini gingersnap muffins are almost cupcake like because of the way the batter is mixed. The butter and sugars are creamed together first before adding the rest of the ingredients. The gingersnap part refers to the spices used - ginger, cinnamon and cloves along with a healthy dose of molasses for a rich dark color. These bite sized treats are very moist and tender from the sour cream added at the end. I ended up with 48, but I only have 1 mini muffin pan that has 24 wells. While I could have put the rest of the batter in a large muffin pan, I decided it would be a good chance to test the batter to see if it could sit while the first batch baked. After the first set were done, I quickly rinsed the pan in water to cool it down and filled it with the remaining batter. I was happy to see they rose just as high as the first ones! I will finish them off in the morning before Jeff brings them in with a dusting of powdered sugar for a touch of sweetness, but they were just as tasty naked!

Dinner tonight, Whole Wheat Rotini with Spicy Turkey Sausage and Spinach took a few steps to complete, but we think the flavor in the end was worth it. The original recipe calls for Mustard Greens, but we opted for the less bitter baby spinach. For an interesting start, you begin by reducing some chicken broth to intensify the flavor of the sauce you make at the end. Spicy, but lean, hot Italian turkey sausage is browned and then the baby spinach is added in and allowed to wilt. The reduced broth, some half/half and fresh grated pecorino Romano cheese are added in to create a creamy sauce. To complete the meal, the sausage/spinach mixture is served over slightly nutty whole wheat pasta which absorbs the flavorful sauce.


  1. Whole-wheat rotini? Awesome. Does it taste different from regular pasta?

  2. Mmmm..I love gingersnaps.I'll have to try these.

  3. Yums, the gingersnap muffins sound awesome!

  4. Hey, I missed your comment a while back about the calories in Splenda. I just wanted to say thanks you! I had no idea.

    Your gingersnap muffins look so yummy.

  5. Ed - We got ours from Trader Joes, the texture is a bit more chewy than normal pasta. I taste is pretty close, this version is kind of nutty.

    Emily - We really liked the flavors in these.

    MM - Thanks!

    Erin - I know, they talk so much about being calorie-free. They never seem to mention that it does add up after a few teaspoons!

  6. The gingersnap muffins DO sound awesome!

    P.S. Ronzoni and Whole Foods brands of whole wheat pasta get high ratings from Consumer Reports, with Trader Joe's not far behind, by the way.


  7. J. bo - Thanks for the info!

    EJ - Yeah, we are big ginger fans here too!

  8. Mini-muffins?! Sounds like you guys are ready for your mini-dachshund! ;-)

    The pasta dish sounds incredible. I know purists tend to pooh-pooh whole wheat pasta, but I like it very much. Great flavour and lots of nutritional perks. Mmm!