Sunday, July 17, 2005

Another Sunday addition

Coming back to say...

Well so much for no oven use today! Hee hee! Someone has been talking about wanting homemade pretzels a lot recently so while eating lunch I decided I had enough time today to make up a batch. Pretty good! The outside is a little more rough after boiling than I am used to but it the taste is right on and the texture was good after baking.


  1. I came across a soft pretzel recipe a few years ago, and it's fantastic. Of course, it's a bit of work, so it's more of a weekend recipe than every day. Still, Matt thinks they're better than Aunt Annie's!

  2. Hi,
    I just linked to you from WOW! Those pretzels look absolutely scrumptious! I can practically taste them through the computer. I have been wanting to try making pretzels for years. Are you giving out the recipe??? I'll be happy to beg if necessary. . .: )